Cooper Cooke competes in bull riding at the state rodeo finals.

Here’s a look at Wednesday’s competition for Team Idaho at the National High School Finals Rodeo in Nebraska.

The sixth performance starts at 9 a.m. and is the conclusion of first Go-Round.

Barrel Racing

Teely Bott swept to the state title in this event and did it with consistency, speed and no mistakes.

Bull Riding

Cooper Cooke has been the measuring stick in this event for several years. This year he made a ride in the short go to edge out Rawley Johnson and the two of them are a great team and support one another. Cooke got a tough draw as he has to ride Wednesday morning and then again on Wednesday night. He’s a definite threat to win it all.

Tie Down Roping

Lucas Cruz finished in third place, but was only five points out of first. With the format of this event on the national level, he will have to be fast and consistent to have a chance in an event where very small fractions of a second can mean the difference between first and 10th.

Saddle Bronc

Dixon Fehlman has his work cut out for him, but this is another event where the first objective will be getting two rides in and just making the short go-round will be a victory.

Wyatt Lyman won this event on the state level by winning two go-rounds and the average. He failed to score in the other two rounds. He needs more consistency and good scores to have an impact on this field of riders.

Goat Tying

Hailey Jo Gibbs is the Idaho state champion and finished strong in this event. She won the final go-round, then the short go-round and then took the average to post the win.

Bareback Riding

Clayton Lund is another cowboy who qualified fourth in Idaho and is chasing one of the best riders in Cooper Cooke among other contenders.

Steer Wrestling

Hunter Roche is three-sport letterman at Marsh Valley High School, and will have to be fast out of the box. This is a tough event and wide open for the national championships.

Girls Cutting

Claire Sterling was right there all the way to the end of the state finals, but just missed winning it all and has the horse and ability to make an impact. She just needs a bit more consistency to make it all happen.

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