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This year’s Sugar-Salem girls basketball 3A state tournament opener couldn’t have been more different from last year’s. After falling to Timberlake in OT last year, the Digger defense clamped down on Bonners Ferry 70-10 Thursday afternoon, setting a state record for fewest points allowed in a game.

Sugar-Salem held Bonners Ferry to eight points in the first half then came out in the second half with the bold goal of setting the state record of 16 points allowed by Timberlake in 2017 and Snake River in 1990.

The team shattered the record only allowing two points in the second half.

“We’ve been a great defensive team all year,” coach Crystal Dayley said. “I’ve been challenging the kids all year to talk on defense and communicate with each other. This was the first game where they really did it. They were just talking and had so much energy.”

The Diggers didn’t just dominate defensively. They only turned the ball over three times, out-offensive-rebounded Bonners Ferry 19-1 and finished with five Diggers in double figure scoring.

“I think that’s the best game I’ve ever had a team play in all my years of coaching,” Dayley said. “There wasn’t one thing that we didn’t do great. Every single kid on my team showed up tonight and they put together four phenomenal quarters.”

The Diggers also hold the record for the most points scored in a game with 85. They broke that record the same year Timberlake tied the record for least points scored.

Sugar-Salem plays Filer in Friday's semifinals at 5 p.m.


Sugar-Salem 23 16 21 10 — 70

Bonners Ferry 2 6 2 0 —10

SUGAR-SALEM — Meg Fillmore 10, Hailey Harris 10, Liz Baldwin 5, Olivia Crapo 3, Sunny Bennion 2, Kennedy Gillette 10, Katie Miller 11, Natalyah Nead 12, Mardee Fillmore 7.

BONNERS FERRY — Mia Blackburn 2, Asha Abubakari 3, Holly Ansley 3, Kaylee Sumpter 2.

-Koster Kennard/Standard Journal

2A state tournament

BEAR LAKE 38, RIRIE 36: At Boise, the Bulldogs entered the tournament as the No. 2-ranked team in the state, but a four-point fourth quarter proved the difference.

Sarah Boone and Dallas Sutton each scored nine points for Ririe, which shot 20 percent for the game.

The Bulldogs (22-3) face Cole Valley Christian on Friday.


Bear Lake 15 3 12 8 — 38

Ririe 10 11 11 4 — 36

BEAR LAKE — Hailey Humpherys 7, Kelsea Skinner 1, Elise Kelsey 3, Lydia Johnson 13, Oakley Crane 3, Eliza Sharp 3, Kalisha Parker 8.

RIRIE — Brianna Scott 2, Breyer Newman 4, Skylee Coles 3, Paige Martinez 2, Sara Boone 9, Maggie Ball 5, Dallas Sutton 9, Halley Guthrie 2.

1AD2 state tournament

MACKAY 51, RICHFIELD 36: At Nampa, Riley Moore scored 26 points and grabbed 11 rebounds as the Miners moved into the 1AD2 consolation championship game.

Mackay (19-4) jumped out to a 10-point lead after one quarter and was strong on the rebounding edge with 21 offensive rebounds.

The Miners face Camas County Friday at 10 a.m..


Richfield 7 3 12 14 — 36

Mackay 17 5 15 14 — 51

RICHFIELD — Serena Kent 12, Mackenzie Riley 4, Kasey Hendren 4, Maddyson Jones 4, Taylor Newey 2, Tori Truman 2, Emma Telford 4, Alexis Fuchs 2, Shelby Jones 2.

MACKAY — Riley Moore 26, Alana Christensen 3, Alyssa Hawley 4, Trinity Seefried 7, Megan Moore 5, Halle Holt 1, Brenna McAffee 5.

Boys basketball

4A District 6 tournament

SKYLINE 46, BONNEVILLE 45: At Bonneville, the Bees rallied, but a four-point second quarter proved too much to overcome.

"We played selfish basketball," Bonneville coach John Tucker said. "It was probably our worst quarter in a long, long time."

Raleigh Shippen led Skyline with 16 points. Cy Gummow topped Bonneville with 13 points.

Bonneville (10-12) hosts Blackfoot on Saturday and Skyline (7-16) is at Hillcrest on Saturday.


Skyline 10 13 13 10 — 46

Bonneville 14 4 13 14 — 45

SKYLINE — Raleigh Shippen 16, Cade Marlow 13, Kenyon Sadiq 2, Isaac Farnsworth 8, Landon Merzlock 7.

BONNEVILLE — Cy Gummow 13, Caleb Stoddard 7, Jacob Perez 4, Carson Johnson 9, Carson Judy 10, Devin McDonald 2.

5A District 5-6 tournament

IDAHO FALLS 57, HIGHLAND 51: At Idaho Falls, the Tigers remained alive in the district tournament, holding off the Rams, who scored just 15 points in the second half.

Dylan Seeley led Idaho Falls with 17 points while Jaxon Sorenson just missed a triple-double with 12 points, eight rebounds and nine assists.

The Tigers (10-13) are at Rigby on Tuesday.


Highland 19 17 8 7 — 51

Idaho Falls 16 13 13 15 — 57

HIGHLAND — Jayden Wright 21, Mason Mickelsen 8, Easton Durham 6, Fisher Anderson 6, Easton Wheelock 5, Braedon Kelley 3, Raimon Barela 2.

IDAHO FALLS — Dylan Seeley 17, Jaxon Sorenson 12, Nate Rose 10, Marvin Smith 8, Christian Jensen 7, Luke Rodel 3.


4A District 6 meet

Teams: Blackfoot 390.5 2. Bonneville 278 3. Shelley 163.5 4. Skyline 110 5. Hillcrest 99.



1st Place - Mack Mauger of Blackfoot

2nd Place - Spencer Jolley of Bonneville

3rd Place - Josh Smith of Blackfoot

4th Place - Ivette Balero of Skyline


1st Place - Carter Balmforth of Shelley

2nd Place - Kayden Parsons of Blackfoot

3rd Place - Bridger Janson of Bonneville

4th Place - Forfeit Forfeit of Unattached

6th Place - Forfeit Forfeit of Unattached


1st Place - Ryan Nuno of Bonneville

2nd Place - Avian Martinez of Blackfoot

3rd Place - Kayla Vail of Bonneville

4th Place - Ryken Horn of Hillcrest


1st Place - Kolton Stacey of Shelley

2nd Place - Crew Searle of Skyline

3rd Place - Connor Hagen of Bonneville

4th Place - Tate Waddoups of Hillcrest

5th Place - Trinity Velasquez of Blackfoot

6th Place - Marcelina Trejo of Blackfoot


1st Place - Luke Moore of Blackfoot

2nd Place - Anthony Williams of Bonneville

3rd Place - Carter Lindsay of Blackfoot

4th Place - Dregun Wheeless-Hill of Hillcrest

5th Place - Jared Engle of Hillcrest

6th Place - Lyle Click of Shelley


1st Place - Eli Abercrombie of Blackfoot

2nd Place - Kylan Guerra of Blackfoot

3rd Place - Drew Beck of Bonneville

4th Place - Kodey Murphy of Shelley

5th Place - Gabe Waldron of Bonneville

6th Place - Seth Taylor of Hillcrest


1st Place - Taye Trautner of Blackfoot

2nd Place - Carter Inskeep of Blackfoot

3rd Place - Koby Gould of Bonneville

4th Place - Caleb Green of Skyline

5th Place - Trevor Tidwell of Bonneville

6th Place - Elias Gnieting of Shelley


1st Place - Austin Ramirez of Blackfoot

2nd Place - Cole Inskeep of Blackfoot

3rd Place - Britton Sorenson of Bonneville

4th Place - Roy Meek of Shelley

5th Place - Lillee Olague of Bonneville

6th Place - Danica Valdez of Shelley


1st Place - Lorenzo Luis of Hillcrest

2nd Place - Parker Monson of Blackfoot

3rd Place - Xander Zollinger of Skyline

4th Place - Jimmie Johnson of Blackfoot


1st Place - Tradyn Henderson of Blackfoot

2nd Place - Justin Jeppsen of Bonneville

3rd Place - Seth Jacobson of Shelley

4th Place - Hunter Reeves of Hillcrest

5th Place - Jacob Meek of Shelley


1st Place - Tucker Banks of Bonneville

2nd Place - Micheal Edwards of Blackfoot

3rd Place - Hayden Hokanson of Shelley

4th Place - Anthony Hackman of Shelley

5th Place - Jonny Baczuk of Skyline

6th Place - Mark Wilson of Skyline


1st Place - Maverik Malm of Blackfoot

2nd Place - Orrin Hill of Shelley

3rd Place - Nate Nakashima of Bonneville

4th Place - Josh Lewallen of Shelley

5th Place - Hagen Foster of Bonneville

6th Place - Parker Christiansen of Blackfoot


1st Place - Preston Colvin of Skyline

2nd Place - Jacob Averett of Blackfoot

3rd Place - Alex Nawrocki of Blackfoot

4th Place - Jackson Peck of Bonneville


1st Place - Kaiden Hansen of Bonneville

2nd Place - Bennett Swatsenburg of Skyline

3rd Place - Conor VanTress of Bonneville


1st Place - Sean Steinnetz of Hillcrest

2nd Place - Talin Sensenbach of Blackfoot

3rd Place - Ethan Cross of Bonneville

4th Place - Gage Anderson of Skyline

5th Place - Dillon Lacko of Bonneville