3A District 6 All-Conference Soccer Selections

Note: All-conference teams are voted on by coaches.


Player of the Year: Grace Zogg (Teton-Junior)

Offensive Player of the Year: Aria Dimick (Firth-Senior)

Defensive Player of the Year: Isabelle Tuttle (Sugar-Salem-Fresh)

1st Team

Goalkeeper: Daisy Backlund (Firth-Senior)

Defense: Heather Owens (SS-Junior), Sienna Stevens (Teton -Senior), Devon Foss (Teton-Senior)

Midfield: Gali Garcia (Sugar-Salem-Junior), Dakota Weekes (Sugar-Salem-Soph), Kaya Richardson (Teton-Junior)

Forward: Kinley Brown (Teton-Senior), Ellie Puzey (Sugar-Salem-Junior), Ava Rydalch (Sugar-Salem-Fresh), Allie Christensen (Sugar-Salem-fresh)

2nd Team

Goalkeeper: Brylee Weekes (Sugar-Salem-Senior)

Defense: Addi Christensen (Sugar-Salem-Senior), Corrine Flaig (Sugar-Salem-Senior), Bridget Lesley (Firth-Soph), Ayesha Jolley (Firth-Senior), Bradyn Rigby (South Fremont-Senior)

Midfield: Lizzy Huber (South Fremont-Senior), Elizabeth Murri (South Fremont-Senior), Kylie Cox (Firth-Senior), Larissa Perez (Sugar-Salem-Soph)

Forward: Alison Murri (SF-Junior)

Honorable Mention

Nichole Lusk (South Fremont), Karlie Fullmer (South Fremont), Presley Messick (Firth), Yulissa Rodriguez (Firth), Kirdy Jolley (Firth), Alecia Lopez (Sugar-Salem)

3A District 6 All-Conference


Player of the Year: Ricardo Contreras (Sugar-Salem-Senior)

Offensive Player of the Year: Kyle Brunson (Sugar-Salem-Senior)

Defensive Player of the Year: Charlie Comfort (Teton-Junior)

1st Team

Goalkeeper: Broc Esplin (Sugar-Salem-Senior), Caleb Baird (Teton-Senior)

Forwards: Bryan Velazques (Teton-Senior), Anthony Castro (Teton-Senior), Devin Petterson (Sugar-Salem-Junior), Gustavo Carranza (Firth-Junior)

Midfield: Jon Berdal (Teton-Junior), Mason Kinghorn (Sugar-Salem-Junior)

Defenders: Landon Bingham (Sugar-Salem-Senior), Thaxton Clark (South Fremont-Senior), Jeremy Martinez (Teton-Soph)

2nd Team

Goalkeeper: Angel Castro (South Fremont-Soph), Sawyer Mitchell (Teton-Soph)

Defense: Fisher Daniels (Sugar-Salem-Soph), David Benitez (South Fremont-Junior), Tanner Thayne (Firth-Senior)

Midfield: Sully Hathaway (South Fremont-Junior), Cort Stoddard (Sugar-Salem-Junior), Andy Zamora (Teton-Senior), Adler Smith(Firth-Soph)

Forward: Rayle Juarez (Teton-Fresh), Eddie Tafoya (Sugar-Salem-Senior), Ulisses Montoya (Teton-Senior)

Honorable Mention

Sione Tavarez (South Fremont), Josue Lopez (South Fremont), Jacob Llewellyn (Sugar-Salem), Gordon Petterson (Sugar-Salem), Weston Prestwich (Firth), Francisco Ramos (Firth), Brigham Esplin (Firth), Link Bustamante (Teton), Jacob Vestal (Teton)


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