All in all, Saturday was a tough day for local boys in the championship round of the Tiger-Grizz Invitational at Skyline High School.

Just two of the nine local wrestlers who made it to the spotlight finals won their matches — South Fremont’s Sawyer Hobbs and Sugar-Salem’s Kenneth Copley.

Kuna walked away with the team championship for the second straight season, scoring a field-best 219.5, well ahead of Utah’s Box Elder (182.5) and Corner Canyon (139.5) who finished second and third, respectively.

District 6’s best finish came from Hobbs and the South Fremont Cougars, who posted a fifth-place finish with 135. The only other local teams to crack the top 10 at the 36-team event were Blackfoot in eighth (104.5) and Snake River in ninth (89).

To win his third Tiger-Grizz, Hobbs had to get past defending 5A champ and Bonneville standout Matt Boone in the 195-pound final.

Boone entered the title match at 31-1, with his only loss coming to Hobbs. Hobbs stepped into the championship circle at 35-0, with his toughest fight of the season coming against Boone.

“He’s the only kid I can’t armbar,” Hobbs said, with a smile. “He’s really, really strong, and he’s always getting to his base and to his feet. Always gives me a great match.”

Boone was similarly complimentary of Hobbs following a 10-4 loss, calling him “The Beast of South Fremont.”

“It was not how I like it to go, but it was a good match,” Boone said. “When you go up against a good wrestler — no, not a good wrestler, a great wrestler — it really shows you where you are.”

Hobbs converted single leg shots into takedown after takedown against Boone to win by decision, but was unable to break the Bonneville senior down and end the match early.

“I’ve taken him the full six minutes twice now (this season), and I guess that’s something,” Boone said.

Kenneth “Big Kenny” Copley pushed his record to 38-0 with a 4-1 win over Corner Canyon big man Kade Carlson, finishing off the match by covering for the takedown, leaving no doubt by pushing the score from 2-1 to 4-1 in the final seconds of the third period.

Copley doesn’t go the full six minutes very often. But an offseason of hard work has him ready when he does.

“I think he was wearing down, and I had a nice low-level shot and rode it out,” Copley said. “Whether I’m moving pipe or bucking hay or stacking sod, I try to work hard and finish things out.”

Among the other eastern Idaho wrestlers who fell in the finals were two previously unbeatens — Shelley’s Kolton Stacey (35-1) at 113 and Snake River’s Kyle Richardson at 145.

Also bringing home silver were Thunder Ridge’s Kaden Ramos (42-2), Snake River’s Emilio Caldera (29-8), and Blackfoot teammates Esai Casteneda (31-6) and Nick Chappell (31-4).


1. Kuna 219.5, 2. Box Elder (Utah) 182.5, 3. Corner Canyon (Utah) 139.5, 4. Century 137, 5. South Fremont 135, 6. Highland 126, 7. Columbia 124, 8. Blackfoot 104.5, 9. Snake River 89, 10. Eagle 87, 11. Thunder Ridge 83, 12. Stansbury (Utah) 75, 12. Sugar-Salem 75, 14. Capital 71, 15. Bonneville 70, 16. Kemmerer (Wyo.) 67.5, 17. Timberline 64, 18. Evanston (Wyo.) 60.5, 19. Bishop Kelly 60, 19. Mountain Home 60, 10. Shelley 60, 22. Boise 57.5, 23. Riverton 57, 24. Idaho Falls 50.5, 25. Madison 49.5, 26. Teton 45, 27. Burley 42, 28. Rigby 35, 29. Skyview 34.5, 30. Mountain View 31, 31. Borah 30, 32. Pocatello 21, 33. Hillcrest 14.5, 34. Canyon Ridge 11, 35. Skyline 9, 36. Aberdeen 0.

INDIVIDUAL RESULTS (championship matches)

98 pounds: Lucas Kanownik (Boise) 18-1, So. over Payton Hernandez (Columbia) 29-10, Fr. (Dec 6-0); 106: Christopher Martino (Bishop Kelly) 22-2, So. over Joshua Mendoza (Timberline) 27-4, So. (Fall 2:22) 120: Michael Mitchell (Kuna) 35-1, Jr. over Caden Ramos (Thunder Ridge) 42-2, Jr. (Fall 5:07); 126: Colter Julian (Kemmerer) 16-1, Sr. over Emilio Caldera (Snake River) 29-8, So. (Dec 7-4); 132: Dawson Schramm (Kemmerer) 22-0, Sr. over Esai Castaneda (Blackfoot) 31-6, Sr. (Fall 3:51); 138: Dante Roggio (Kuna) 33-1, Jr. over Blake Beal (Skyview) 29-5, Sr. (Dec 5-0) 145: Preston Owens (Kuna) 33-2, Jr. over Kyle Richardson (Snake River) 31-1, Jr. (DQ); 152: Angel Rios (Columbia) 34-2, Sr. over Tyson Jones (Eagle) 23-4, Sr. (Fall 3:16); 160: Kam Moss (Corner Canyon) 24-5, Jr. over Easton Millward (Century) 39-3, Jr. (Dec 8-4); 170: Kaden Westerlind (Corner Canyon) 23-6, Sr. over Vaughndavid Gregory (Kuna) 26-10, Sr. (Fall 2:27); 182: Lucas Cochran (Box Elder) 31-2, Jr. over Nick Chappell (Blackfoot) 31-4, Sr. (Fall 1:32); 195: Sawyer Hobbs (South Fremont) 36-0, Sr. over Matthew Boone (Bonneville) 31-2, Sr. (Dec 10-4); 285: Kenneth Copley (Sugar-Salem) 38-0, Sr. over Kade Carlson (Corner Canyon) 18-2, Sr. (Dec 4-1).

Girls championships

93-103: 1. Samantha del Fierro (Timberlake). 2. Telsa Torrez (Aberdeen). 3. Taylor Call (Hillcrest). 4. Hali Statham (Snake River).

104-110: Kayla Vail (Bonneville). 2. Crystal Cruz (Idaho Falls). 3. Jade Peralta (Kuna). 4. Angel Mann (Pocatello).

111-120: 1. Trinity Velasquez (Blackfoot). 2. Fortina Ketia (Boise). 3. Trinity Calaway (Thunder Ridge). 4. Madison Usher (Aberdeen).

120-126: 1. Brigid Shannon (Idaho Falls). 2. Aleks del Fierro (Timberlake). 3. Shekina Happuc (Boise). 4. Tatum Haynes (Thunder Ridge).

128-133: 1. Anjolina Espinoza (MH). 2. Miriam Mendez (Kuna). 3. Michael Berner (Borah). 4. Ashley Dille (Pocatello).

138-140: 1. Mercedes Ellison (Timberlake). 2. Miracle Fontana (Corn). 3. Jessica Gutierrez (Idaho Falls). 4. Rebecca Berner (Kuna).

141-144: 1. Brooke Boyle (Thunder Ridge). 2. Kalena Danley (Cap). 3. Kelley Nicholas (Pocatello). 4. Carolena Bair (Kuna).

145-170: Ornella Kero (Boise). 2. Kayli Acosta (Borah). 3. Alyssa Mabey (Kuna). 4. Tiffany Romero (Blackfoot).

191-274: Brianna Hettinga (Kuna). 2. Shanna Archuleta (Kuna). 3. Sammy Mitchell (Idaho Falls).

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