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At Targhee Village Golf Course in Alta, Wyo., the Sugar-Salem High School cross-country teams swept the girls and boys team titles Wednesday at the 3A District 6 championships with perfect scores.

It is the third consecutive year Sugar-Salem has swept the 3A District 6 meet, and the second consecutive time the Diggers did so with perfect scores of 15. The boys have won districts with a perfect score three times in the last four seasons. Wednesday’s sweep also gives Sugar-Salem district titles in all fall sports for 2019.

Senior Sarenady Price repeated as individual girls champion in 20:24.3 while senior Kaysen Klingler won his first individual boys cross-country title in 17:22.2. Sugar-Salem had seven boys finish in the top eight and seven girls finish in the top 10.

The top two teams and top seven individuals qualified for the cross-country state championships scheduled for Nov. 2 at Portneuf Wellness Complex in Pocatello. Sugar-Salem is three-time defending 3A boys champion and two-time defending 3A girls champion.

3A District 6 championships

Wednesday at Targhee Village Golf Course in Alta, Wyo.

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Team scores: 1. Sugar-Salem 15, 2. Teton 50, 3. South Fremont 79

Individual results (top 10 only)

1. Kaysen Klingler (S-S) 17:22.2; 2. Brigham Dalling (S-S) 17:51.2; 3. Parker Dupree (S-S) 18:05; 4. Aiden Alley (S-S) 18:08; 5. Tanner Dupree (S-S) 18:20.9; 6. James Allen (TET) 18:30.1; 7. Kody Dalling (S-S) 18:40.6; 8. Mason Lewis (S-S) 18:44.4; 8. Mason Lewis (S-S) 18:44.4; 9. Jack Dobbs (TET) 18:51.4; 10. Lance Safiran (TET) 19:02.7


Team scores: 1. Sugar-Salem 15, 2. Teton 56, 3. South Fremont 72

Individual results (top 10 only)

1. Sarenady Price (S-S) 20:24.3; 2. Jaresa Jackson (S-S) 20:34.4; 3. Taya Brewer (S-S) 21:25.3; 4. Ethnie Hamblin (S-S) 21:27; 5. Jade Jackson (S-S) 21:29.3; 6. Ryley Klingler (S-S) 21:31.3; 7. Breklynn Gee (SF) 21:48.9; 8. Sara Bagley (TET) 21:59; 9. Jenna Letham (TET) 22:09.5; 10. Kennedy Gillette (S-S) 22:25.1

SALMON SWEEPS 2A DISTRICT 6 TITLES: At Terreton, Salmon swept the boys and girls titles at the 2A District 6 championships for the third consecutive year.

Salmon had nine boys finish in the top 15 and eight girls finish in the top 18. Junior Johnathon Simmons won the boys individual title in 16:33.5--his first individual district cross-country title--to give Salmon its eighth consecutive individual boys district champion. West Jefferson junior Elizabeth Spencer won the girls race in 20:01.9 to claim her second consecutive individual cross-country district title.

The top three girls teams, top two boys teams, top 11 individual girls and top 10 individual boys qualify for state.

2A District 6 championships

Wednesday at Terreton

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Team scores: 1. Salmon 21, 2. North Fremont 54, 3. Firth 65, 4. Ririe 103

Individual results (top 10 only)

1. Johnathon Simmons (SAL) 16:33.5; 2. Hyrum Spencer (WJ) 16:55; 3. Andy Gebhardt (SAL) 17:05.8; 4. Zach Johnston (NF) 17:06.6; 5. Treygan Bragg (SAL) 17:06.8; 6. Max Palmer (NF) 17:09.9; 7. Keller Brothers (SAL) 17:19.3; 8. Caleb Gardner (FIR) 17:21; 9. Nathan Deschaine (SAL) 17:29.4; 10. Asher Johnston (NF) 17:42.7


Team scores: 1. Salmon 46, 2. Ririe 63, 3. West Jefferson 77, 4. Firth 81, 5. North Fremont 88

Individual results (top 10 only)

1. Elizabeth Spencer (WJ) 20:01.9; 2. Sedona Cannon (SAL) 20:27.4; 3. Sara Deschaine (SAL) 20:38; 4. Kaylee Dalling (WJ) 21:27.6; 5. Sara Boone (RIR) 21:45.8; 6. Saryah Olson (RIR) 21:48.9; 7. Brayleigh Johnston (NF) 21:52.5; 8. Taylor Trimble (RIR) 22:06.6; 9. Christiana Smith (NF) 22:07.4; 10. Nicole McKinnon (FIR) 22:12.7

BUTTE COUNTY SWEEPS 1A DISTRICT 6 TITLES: At Arco, Butte County swept boys and girls titles at the 1A District 6 championships for the second consecutive year.

Butte County’s Natalya Babcock won her third individual girls district title in as many seasons, finishing in 21:46.36. Gabriel Smith won the boys race in 18:44.69 to claim Watersprings’ first individual district cross-country title. Butte County was the only girls team with at least five runners while Butte County and Leadore were the only boys teams with at least five runners.

The first-place teams, top three individual girls and top five individual boys qualified for the cross-country state championships scheduled for Nov. 2 at Portneuf Wellness Complex in Pocatello.

1A District 6 championships

Wednesday at Arco


Team scores: 1. Butte County 25, 2. Leadore 32

Individual results

1. Gabriel Smith (Watersprings) 18:44.69; 2. Austin Beyeler (LEAD) 19:12.92; 3. Ryker Tomchak (LEAD) 19:18.35; 4. Trapper Parsons (BC) 19:37.33; 5. Jaten Hymas (BC) 19:46.05; 6. Nathaniel Collins (BC) 19:48.65; 7. Luke Webb (BC) 19:59.55; 8. Rylee Hodge (BC) 20:09.77; 9. Charlie Bullock (CH) 20:36.06; 10. Jarom Beyeler (LEAD) 20:57.52; 11. Kyle Quiroz (LEAD) 21:07.15; 12. Tanner Parsons (BC) 21:12.15; 13. Wade Jensen (BC) 23:10.08; 14. Andrew Loeweke (LEAD) 24:08.64; 15. Thomas Krebsbach (Watersprings) 25:45.58; 16. Weston Mackay (LEAD) 41:27.42


Team scores: 1. Butte County 15

Individual results

1. Natayla Babcock (BC) 21:46.36; 2. EmmaRae Darland (BC) 24:56.52; 3. Nicole Harwood (BC) 26:32.99; 4. Josie MacConnell (BC) 27:23.46; 5. Mitzi Garnier (Watersprings) 29:20.57; 6. Montana MacConnell (BC) 29:38.28; 7. Jayda Paquette (BC) 29:59.5; 8. Julianne Smith (Watersprings) 35:24.23; 9. Shiann Landis (Watersprings) 39:55.27; 10. Regan Chandler (BC) 44:28.86


4A District 6 tournament

At Bonneville, the tournament is down to three teams.

Shelley defeated Hillcrest 3-0 and Idaho Falls defeated Blackfoot 3-0 to open play on Wednesday.

Shelley, the No. 5 seed, then beat Idaho Falls 3-1 and host Bonneville took care of Skyline 25-12, 25-3, 25-10.

That sets up today’s semifinal, where Skyline plays Shelley at 4 p.m. with the winner taking on Bonneville (32-6) for the district title at 6 p.m. The top two teams advance to the state tournament.

In Bonneville’s win, Makayla Sorensen had 12 kills and eight digs for the Bees, while Mariah Jardine added nine kills. Alexis McMurtrey recorded 36 assists and Maely Harrigfeld had nine digs and a pair of aces.

3A District 6 tournament

For the second year in a row, Sugar-Salem beat South Fremont twice in the tournament to claim the district crown. The Diggers won 25-19, 25-20, 25-14 on Tuesday to clinch the title.

“These girls have worked so hard,” Sugar-Salem head coach Cami Dodson said. “Ever since losing in state last year this has been their goal and this is the first step in it. This was the first step that they needed to take. It’s wonderful to see all of that effort, all of that drive and dedication pay off with a championship.”

South Fremont head coach Xavier Miranda also felt his Cougars played well against a tough opponent.

“We approached the game really well,” Miranda said. “We kind of had the same game plan that we had against Teton. We were a lot more physical this time around. This was the best performance that we’ve had against them this year. It’s really nice to take into the rest of the week momentum wise. Overall, I thought we played well.”

Katie Miller led Sugar-Salem with 16 kills, Megan Pannell added 15 kills and Mardee Fillmore had nine kills and five blocks. Camber Dodson led the team with 41 assists and added five kills and three blocks.

The Diggers play their first game of the state tournament on Nov. 1 at 9 a.m. against the District I runner-up.

-Koster Kennard/Standard Journal

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