At Pinecrest, June 30

Championship Flight: Low Gross Annie Davis 90, Low Putts Sarah Fawcett 32.

First Flight: Low Gross Nancy Watson 90, Low Net Margaret Lowenberg 75, Low Putts Merlyn Belloff and Sally Burrell 34.

At Sand Creek, July 1

Championship Flight: Low Gross Melinda Howard 79, Low Putts Vicky Brown 31.

First Flight: Low Gross Ginny Rasmussen 88, Low Net Mary Kay Jenkins 76, Low Putts Carol Ball and Nellie Dole 36.

Second Flight: Low Gross Georgia Mousaw 86, Low Net Dianne Papaioannou 70, 2nd Low Gross Sharon Griffith 94, 2nd Low Net Julie Merrill 73, Low Putts Stacey Watson 32.

Third Flight: Low Gross Carol Irvine and Susan Nelson 93, Low Net Kelly Flaherty and Karin Smith 75, Low Putts Treva Bolton 36.

Fourth Flight: Low Net Shlene Cox 68, Low Putts Yvonne Schjeldahl 37.