Olson signs his letter of intent at South Fremont high school.

Triston Olson signs his letter of intent at South Fremont high school.

ST. ANTHONY – South Fremont’s Tristan Olson had no shortage of options when it came to playing college sports. Idaho State, the University of Idaho, Montana Tech, Eastern Oregon, Carol College, Pacific Lutheran University, College of Idaho, Puget Sound and the University of Northern Wisconsin all reached out to Olson.

Olson had planned a road trip to visit many of these colleges, but the COVID-19 shutdown axed that plan.

When Olson finally announced his decision and signed his letter of intent this past weekend he had all the information he needed to make this life-altering decision and sign to play football and wrestle at Southern Virginia University.

He knew his friend Cesar Tavares had signed to wrestle and cheer at Southern Virginia University, he liked SVU’s computer science program and he liked the campus and coaches.

Olson and Tavares have been friends since junior high and often wrestled each other in practice including in the Upper Valley Aces junior high wrestling program.

“We’ve been friends forever,” Olson said.

Olson was a little disappointed he didn’t get to visit college campuses but he still felt like he was able to get a good look at the campus through a virtual tour.

“I liked the campus,” Olson said. “I really liked how it looked. It’s pretty spacious. It’s a lot like St. Anthony, just a little town. But big enough to have that school. It looks like a really gorgeous place with really nice weather. It just looked awesome.”

Olson hasn’t had too many opportunities to talk with other players and wrestlers other than Tavares but he’s built a solid foundation for relationships with the wrestling and football coaches.

“I’ve been talking to their wrestling coach for a very long time and I’ve been talking to their football coach for a very long time,” Olson said. “I only have good things to say about them. They’re really nice guys. We’re both looking forward to a great season both in football and wrestling over there.”