Keven Glider sugar-salem wrestling

Sugar-Salem wrestling coach Keven Glider watches a match at this year’s state wrestling championships.

The last time someone coached the Sugar-Salem Diggers to three straight state wrestling titles, they named a tournament after him.

With a tidy 205-191.5 win over Snake River in the 3A championships at Holt Arena on Feb. 23, Keven Glider joined John Berry as the only coaches to lead the Diggers to three straight.

So what are we looking at here, 20 years hence?

The Keven Glider Invitational?

The Glider Grappler Gala?

The Annual Glide and Slide Wrestling Jamboree and Celebrity Clam Bake?

Who knows?

What we are looking at for certain is Keven Glider 2018-19 Post Register Wrestling Coach of the Year.

“These kids wrestled their hearts out,” Glider said on the Holt Arena floor following Sugar-Salem’s third straight title. “I guess that’s three straight, but it’s really five titles because we also won two academic titles.”

Glider will tell you he is proud of the current 2017-2019 run his Diggers have put together, but will not entertain comparisons with John Berry — a National Wrestling Hall of Famer who won 10 titles over 30 seasons.

“These kids deserve all the credit,” Glider said. “After the consolation round, I wasn’t sure we could do it. But we challenged them, and they responded.”

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