SHELLEY – Shelley girls’ basketball coach Chris Fielding announced that he has resigned his post. Word came via a message posted on Facebook.

Fielding took over the program at the start of the season and had been working to turn around a struggling program.

The Russets are 0-8 this season, with a conference record of 0-3 through Monday.

Shelley High School Principal Burke Davis and athletic director Wade Messick both spoke to the Bingham County Chronicle about Fielding’s resignation Tuesday and said he resigned for personal reasons and that there had been no problems with him in the position. They said they gave Fielding 24 hours to reconsider his decision to resign.

In his Facebook post regarding his resignation, Fielding said, “Shelley and Firth are small towns ... rumors will spread and that is why I am deciding to speak for myself before they happen. Last night I resigned as girls’ head coach at Shelley High School. This had nothing to do with the win-loss record, had nothing to do with anyone else but me. I had put myself in a situation where decisions were getting harder for me. Daily, I was battling in my head what I should do and it was affecting my family and marriage. My varsity girls know I love them. This is a decision I needed to make for me personally and for my family. At the end of the day I really could care less about my reputation. What matters is my wife and kids and those most important around me. The world may judge me. People in the community may judge me, but at the bottom of it all none of that even matters. Good luck Shelley Russets Girls Basketball! I’m rooting for you!”