Kolton Stacey signs letter of intent

Kolton Stacey signs a letter of intent to University of Providence to wrestle.

SHELLEY – One of the most decorated and accomplished area high school wrestlers of the past decade has signed a letter of intent to attend the University of Providence in Montana and continue his wrestling career.

Kolton Stacey won three state titles, was a runner-up once, and collected more than 200 victories.

As a freshman, Stacey had the advantage of training and wrestling with another pair of three-time state champions in his brother Darrick and Caleb Call. He credits a lot of what he became as a wrestler to what they were able to teach him.

“Those guys were huge in my development,” Kolton Stacey said. “They helped to give me confidence and when I would watch them go out and win, I felt that I had to follow in their footsteps and win as well.”

With his high school career behind him, Stacey leaves on June 29 to prepare for a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, something he has thought long and hard about. The University of Providence has agreed to give him a two-year deferment while he serves his mission.

“As his coach, one thing that I loved about Kolton was how he was about work,” Heath Stacey and Kolton’s father said. “He welcomed everyone into the wrestling room and he used to say that he was the most average person but has done remarkable things with that average body.”

The University of Providence is a private college located in Great Falls, Mont., and has about 285 student athletes participating in athletics in 17 different sports. There are about 1,000 students currently enrolled at the University of Providence which has a Catholic-based foundation.

“I am excited about going on my mission and teaching people what I believe,” Kolton said. “I am very appreciative of the faith that Providence has shown me and I expect that I will return in kind with my values and ethics. Looks like a very good fit for me.”

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