Skyline scored what turned out to be the winning touchdown with 64 seconds left in the first half.

Idaho Falls senior Ryan Milton wasn’t buying it.

“We have a whole ‘nother half,” Milton shouted from the east sideline.

I.F. junior Rafter Witt steeled his eyes and echoed his teammate. “Let’s go! A whole ‘nother half!”

As it turns out, Skyline also had a whole ‘nother half, building on its 29-12 halftime lead to win Saturday’s Emotion Bowl 43-18.

Reality had set in for Milton postgame, though the lineman remained simultaneously defiant and confident about the future.

“I still think we are as good a team as they are, but I think we need to take this loss as an eye-opener and go forward and play to that potential,” Milton said.

True to Milton’s assessment of the events at Ravsten Stadium on Saturday afternoon, Idaho Falls did all the little things required to hang with the two-time defending 4A state champion Grizzlies.

Skyline scored on its first possession, and Idaho Falls answered right back with a score of its own.

Then Skyline got a stop, and Idaho Falls got a stop.

Skyline scored again, and Idaho Falls scored again.

But it was death by paper cut in the early going for the Tigers, as Skyline did the little extras that ended up being huge.

Skyline emphasized its first score with a 2-point conversion.

Idaho Falls did not.

Skyline converted a turnover into a touchdown in the final minute of the first half — scoring twice in the final 64 seconds to turn a 15-12 game into a 29-12 game.

Idaho Falls forced no turnovers.

Skyline had a total of seven points on conversions.

Idaho Falls had zero.

No extras, and no extra points.

Red-eyed and subdued by the fact he had played in his final Emotion Bowl, senior team captain Carson Fugelberg was philosophical, despite the difficult moment.

“We are going to come out Monday and practice hard and work on fixing our mental mistakes,” Fugleberg said. “In the end, we played pretty good, and if we can push forward knowing that, we can grow and finish the season strong like we did last year.”

That is to say, the 2-3 Tigers have a whole ‘nother half.

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