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FIRTH — Look everyone, the golden boy of Ashton came to Firth High School's senior night Friday.

No, wait, that's the golden-armed quarterback of Ashton. No, no, it's the golden-legged, 6-foot beast from Ashton.

No, no, no. It's No. 16 — North Fremont do-it-all quarterback, Garrett Hawkes.

Friday night belonged to Mr. Hawkes, who hawked and gashed the Cougars with 184 rushing yards and four touchdowns en route to a 29-0 win for North Fremont.

The win gives the Huskies (7-0, 3-0 2A District 6) the Nuclear Conference regular season title, as Hawkes also passed for 105 yards, kicked a PAT and punted Friday on the road.

"Hawkes, tonight was outstanding, by the way," Firth coach Keith Drake said of Hawkes. "In other games, they haven't needed him to be him, but he can be. 

He can lead them when he needs to," Drake added. "And it's not just on the ground. He got us on a couple of those passes that were key first downs."

During the Huskies' first drive of the game, Hawkes marched his team down the field methodically, eventually scoring on a 4-yard run with 6:11 left on the clock during the first quarter.

About two-and-a-half minutes later, Hawkes scored again on a 10-yard dash that saw him stiff arm a Cougar defensive back and high-step into the endzone.

"I just can't do anything," Firth's Clayton Gain said to his coaches and teammates while jogging off the field following Hawkes' second touchdown.

Gain's plea wasn't a lie. Firth (3-3, 2-1 2A District 6) couldn't do much of anything against a North Fremont defense that saw Chris Hansen intercept quarterback Jace Erickson twice.

And as the game became riddled with yellow laundry during the middle quarters — North Fremont finished with six penalites; Firth finished with five — the Huskies relied on their ball-hawking defense to remain perfect on the year.  

No Cougar drive made it past the midfield line, as Firth finished with just 41 total yards of offense Friday.

"They were really athletic. They were one of more athletic teams we played," Hansen said. "So we just had gotta play fundamental defense and stick to our jobs and that's what we did."

If Hawkes' first three first-half scores were methodically paced — throwing 6-for-10 when dropping back (all while looking like former Baltimore Colt golden boy, Johnny Unitas) and chipping away at the Cougars' front seven with his 18 carries — his final run of the night was explosive.

It went 75 yards down the right sideline, all but wrapping up Friday's night shutout and propelling Ashton's Huskies to their next, higher goal.

"We had coach tell us in the beginning it was going to be a grind-out game," Hawkes said. "We're happy with four yards a pop. If we get four yards a pop, it's great.

Coaches keep telling us: stay humble and hungry," Hawkes added. "We completed our first goal here and now we got a bigger goal in mind. We'll move on and chase that bigger dream." 

Four yards at a time, the Huskies will finish out their season by hosting the Bulldogs of Ririe before heading into this year's postseason. 

Firth finishes out its regular season at West Jefferson. 

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