4A tennis doubles

Idaho Falls’ Rachel Harris returns a ball during the 4A District 6 girls doubles championship at Bonneville High School in May as Whitney Black looks on. Black and Harris placed third at the 4A state championships.

n Ben Sayre/Braxton Bird, Blackfoot boys doubles

n Whitney Black/Rachel Harris, Idaho Falls girls doubles

n Maunayia Harringfeld/Nate Clements, Bonneville mixed doubles

n Claire Anderson/Landon Evans, Blackfoot mixed doubles

n Kyle Johnson, Bonneville boys singles

n Alexis Adams, Idaho Falls girls singles

n Kade Belnap/Chris Harker, Bonneville boys doubles

n Emily Biddulph/Nicole Griggs, Hillcrest girls doubles

n Hannah Harker/Sage Leishman, Bonneville girls doubles

n Bash Plummer, Madison boys singles

n Joe Pigott/Ethan Andreasen, Madison boys doubles

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