If you chew people out and nothing changes, you’re just a jerk.

If you chew people out and get results, well, you’re a coach.

Fresh off a chewing out by Bonneville wrestling coach (not jerk) Zairrick Wadsworth for their performance at the Bucks Bag Tournament, the Bees dominated the High Country Conference duals — finishing 9-0 with four undefeated wrestlers.

Bonneville was the only team in the 18-team field to go unbeaten at the Friday-Saturday event at Bonneville High School, led by individual unbeatens Matt Boone (195), Tanner French (170), Spencer Winchester (160) and Cooper French (145).

“Coach Wads got on us about Bucks Bag, and I can’t really remember ever seeing us wrestle this hard as a team before,” Cooper French said. “I mean, there were guys out there wrestling off their backs when they really should have been pinned.”

Boone had a similar assessment of the home team’s bounce-back performance, calling out several wrestlers who he had not seen wrestle to such a high level.

“Going 9-0 as a team is amazing, and being the only team to do it is even better,” he said. “We are all brothers out here, and some of the guys who didn’t do so well (at Bucks Bag) really stepped up here.”

The 3A schools in attendance were all over the top five at the event, with Snake River (8-1, 511), Sugar-Salem (8-1, 510), and South Fremont (7-2, 489), finishing 3-4-5.

Ririe was the lone 2A school at the event, finishing sixth with a 7-2 record and 405 total points.

Another wrestler who turned a new page at the HCC duals was Idaho Falls junior Justin Morris.

Morris, a 120 pounder, erased memories of his previous 1-8 record at the annual event with a perfect 9-0 run for the Tigers.

“I’ve been working all summer, training with Barry Black and Dustin Warner to get to this point,” Morris said. “I hope to just keep it up and wrestle hard the rest of the way.”

Someone who did not work all summer was South Fremont junior and two-time defending state champion Sawyer Hobbs.

Hobbs, who bumped up to 182 after back-to-back titles at 170, missed out on his summer workouts as he recovered from kidney failure.

It was a different fight, to be sure, but Hobbs got himself back into his traditional shape to finish 9-0 again at the HCC duals.

“As soon as I could, I was back in the weight room and working out,” Hobbs said. “I’m feeling good, and want to have an undefeated season.”

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