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ARLINGTON, Texas (AP) — Justin Turner violated coronavirus protocols when he celebrated with his Los Angeles Dodgers teammates and he refused instructions from security to leave the field, behavior that Major League Baseball said risked the safety of others.

Jeff Moon used a 5-iron in strong wind to ace the 130-yard 12th hole at Pinecrest Golf Course on Friday. Witnesses were Scott Noble, Jeff Sondrup, and Steve Curtis.

Dean Seward made a hole in one on hole No. 8 at Sage Lakes Golf Course using a 5 hybrid on the 177-yard shot. Witnesses were Russ Stewart and Doug Deroche.

Nita Hix, of Idaho Falls, used a driver Tuesday to ace the 151-yard fifth hole at the Pinecrest Golf Course. The shot was witnessed by Nancy DiFelici, Chris Cammack, and Annie Davis.

Tyson Parker used a pitching wedge to hit a hole in one at the 123-yard 17th hole at Sage Lakes on Sept. 7.

Mike Johnson of Idaho Falls used an 8-iron Sunday to ace the 149-yard seventh hole at the Pinecrest Golf Course. The shot was witnessed by Allen Barlow, Steve Anderson, and Val Anderson.

From Saturday’s Bandits Invitational Tournament.

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Minor League Baseball announced on Thursday the continued long-term commitment to and celebration of its U.S. Hispanic fans and communities through the unveiling of its 2020 Copa de la Diversión (Fun Cup) campaign and event series.

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