All conference teams are selected by coaches

Player of the Year: Kobe Tracy, QB, Highland

Offensive Player of the Year: Landon Demuzio, RB, Highland

Defensive Player of the Year: Brigham Castillow, LB, Madison

Coach of the Year: Gino Mariani, Highland

First-team offense

Quarterback: Jordan Porter, Madison

Running back: Karson Hastings, Madison; Jesus Garcia, Highland

Tight end: Drake Hill, Highland

Wide receiver: Andrew Van Sickle, Highland; Mason McWhorter, Madison; Kayden Toldson, Thunder Ridge

Offensive line: Landon Cook, Rigby; Tanner Drury, Highland; Colton Heinz, Highland; Nathan Sanders, Madison; Dallin Whitehead, Madison

Kicker: Spencer Hathaway, Madison

Return: Karson Hastings, Madison

Second-team offense

Quarterback: Keegan Thompson, Rigby

Running back: Brigham Youngstrom, Rigby; Malachi Valora, Madison

Tight end: Spencer Hathaway, Madison

Wide receiver: Austin Richards; Highland; Bolder Murray, Madison; Spencer Richins, Rigby

Offensive line: BJ Madsen, Rigby; Seth Moedl, Thunder Ridge; Elijah Fonoti, Thunder Ridge; Blake Williamson, Highland; Nate Franz, Rigby

Kicker: Logan Armstrong, Highland

Return: Carter Fellows, Highland

First-team defense

Defensive line: Kamaih Olsen, Highland; Trey Williams, Madison; Ziggy Falevi, Rigby; Tanoa Togiai, Rigby

Linebacker: Dylan Jester, Highland; Taylor Kerr, Highland; Brigham Carter, Madison; Jaxon Graham, Rigby

Defensive back: Jayden Bell, Highland; Carter Fellows, Highland; Jaden Schwab, Madison; Freddy Sheppard, Rigby

Punter: Jayden Bell, Highland

Second-team defense

Defensive line: Luke Togiai, Highland; Bridger Bair, Madison; Ares Vankirk, Thunder Ridge; Jack Hall, Highland

Linebacker: Trey Talbot, Rigby; Connor Isom, Thunder Ridge; Micah Naumu, Highland; Brigdon Craig, Thunder Ridge

Defensive back: Davis Berry, Madison; Payton Richardson, Rigby; Trey Murdoch, Thunder Ridge; Jadon Whitworth, Highland

Punter: Spencer Hathaway, Madison


mention offense

Wide receiver: Lane Gillespie, Thunder Ridge

Tight end: Brycen Uffens, Rigby

Offensive line: Jared Piper-Perez, Highland


mention defense

Defensive line: Jacob Ramsey, Highland; Erubey Garcia, Rigby

Linebacker: Landon Johnson, Rigby

Defensive back: Logan Armstrong, Highland; Micah Moss, Rigby; Robbie South, Madison


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