All conference teams are selected by coaches

Coach of the Year: Ben Lenz, North Fremont

Player of the Year: Garrett Hawkes, North Fremont

Defensive Player of the Year: Paul Wynn, North Fremont

Offensive Player of the Year: Riggin Cordingley, North Fremont

First team

Offensive line: Josh Jolley, Firth; Eli Call, Ririe; Drew Hill, North Fremont; Max Ricks, West Jefferson; Hayden Hood, North Fremont

Tight end: Grayson Nelson, Firth; Paul Wynn, North Fremont

Wide receiver: Teague Shook, Firth; Stockton Johnson, Ririe

Running back: Branson Morton, West Jefferson; Kache Sullivan, West Jefferson; Blake Oberhansley, North Fremont

Quarterback: Dillon Jacobs, West Jefferson

Defensive line: Grayson Nelson, Firth; Garrett Jensen, Ririe; Drew Hill, North Fremont; Hunter Trent, Firth; Tyson Thacker, Ririe

Linebacker: Trey Yearsley, Ririe; Riggin Cordingley, North Fremont; Blake Oberhansley, North Fremont

Secondary: Chris Hansen, North Fremont; Arik Zeller, Ririe; Colton Mecham, Firth; Dillon Jacobs, West Jefferson

Kicker: Lincoln Taylor, West Jefferson

Punter: Jonathan Scott, Ririe

Returner: Stockton Johnson, Ririe

Second team

Offensive line: Tyson Thacker, Ririe; Jesse Bellamy, Salmon; Creed Calder, West Jefferson; Cole Barrett, Firth; Jed Torgerson, West Jefferson

Wide receiver: Payton Litton, North Fremont; Camron Carpenter, Firth

Running back: Clayton Gain, Firth; Trey Yearsley, Ririe; Lincoln Taylor, West Jefferson

Quarterback: Carter Smith, Ririe

Defensive line: Hayden Hood, North Fremont; Keegan Park, Ririe; James Berger, Salmon; Lincoln Taylor, West Jefferson; Miles Johnson, West Jefferson

Linebacker: Jared Roundy, West Jefferson; Spencer Lamoreaux, Firth; Jordan Hess, North Fremont; Gabe Sommers, Ririe

Secondary: Teague Shook, Firth; Stockton Johnson, Ririe; Luke Hill, North Fremont; Branson Morton, West Jefferson

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