2A Nuclear Conference volleyball

all conference teams are selected by coaches

Player of the Year: Jordi Holdaway, sr. OH, West Jefferson

First team

Hailey Gee, OH, Firth

Kiley Mecham, OH, Firth

Abby Schiess, MB, Firth

Erith Hayes, MB, Ririe

McKenna Hoggan, OPP, Firth

Kaydee Park, S, Firth

Liberty Park, L, Firth

Hailey Barker, DS, Firth

Second team

Taneal Wright, OH, West Jefferson

Kelby Dye, OH, North Fremont

Cassidy Parkinson, OH, Ririe

Alexa Nedrow, MB, North Fremont

Sage Moss, MB, West Jefferson

Trinity Hayes, OPP, Ririe

JMae Torgerson, S, West Jefferson

Renee Fabanich, S, North Fremont

Lacey Dalling, L, West Jefferson

Erin Richardson, DS, Firth

Honorable mention

Kelsey Crystal, OH, Ririe; Sariah Cockrell, OH, Salmon; Jordyn Adams, MB, Firth; Kenzie Sermon, MB, West Jefferson; Chayla Slavins, MB, Salmon; Malaika Rogers, OPP, West Jefferson; Brylei Harris, S, Ririe; Jordan Scott, L, Ririe; Ashley Dalling, DS, West Jefferson

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