In the fight for 4A District 6 wrestling titles Wednesday, Bonneville won the battles, but Blackfoot won the war.

The Broncos dominated the lower weights at Hillcrest High School on their way to the team district title, outscoring the runner-up Bees, 397-334.5.

Shelley was a distant third with 175.5 points, followed by Idaho Falls (158), Skyline (130.5) and Hillcrest (69).

Blackfoot so thoroughly dominated the lightweight matches, in fact, that 10 of the championship contenders in the first seven weight classes (98 to 138) were Broncos.

In Blackfoot championship bouts, Luke Moore beat teammate Avian Martinez (98), Taye Trautner beat teammate Carter Lindsay (113), Tommy Gallamore beat Landon Evans (132) and junior Esai Castandea beat teammate Ryan German.

For Castaneda, it was his third district title in as many seasons.

“It was a little weird wrestling against our JV for the (district) title, but that shows that the guys at the lower weights really did their jobs today,” Castaneda said. “We lost a dual to Bonneville in the regular season, but we scored a lot of points at the lower weights today.”

Blackfoot junior Nick Chappell carried the middleweight banner for the Broncos, taking the title at 170.

Bonneville won both head-to-head championship matches against the Broncos, with senior Spencer Winchester pinning Micheal Edwards at 160, and sophomore Braxton Sorenson blanking Daniel Andrade 10-0 at 138.

“I took second as a freshman, but today I had two goals — to impose my will and not get scored on,” Sorenson said. “I knew if I could do those two things, the rest would take care of itself. My teammates and coaches helped me do that.”

In all, Bonneville won seven of the 15 titles, followed by Blackfoot (five), Shelley (two) and Idaho Falls (one).

The Russets crowned junior Taylor Balmforth (152) and Kolton Stacey (106), and Kayson Kenney pinned teammate Justin Morris in an all Idaho Falls final at 126.

Three automatic state bids were up for grabs in each of the 15 weight classes, and the Broncos led the way with 16 of those bids, just one more than Bonneville.

Shelley secured five automatic state bids, and Idaho Falls, Skyline and host Hillcrest claimed three each.

At-large bids to the 2019 state championships in Holt Arena on Feb 22-23 will be awarded when the coaches confer later this week.

“I feel like we are wrestling well, are healthy and ready,” Castaneda said. “Next week is what we’ve been working toward and waiting for all season.”



1. Blackfoot 397, 2. Bonneville 334.5, 3. Shelley 175.5, 4. Idaho Falls 158, 5. Skyline 130.5, 6. Hillcrest 69.

INDIVIDUAL RESULTS (top 3 to state)

98: 1st Place: Luke Moore (Blackfoot) pin Avian Martinez (Blackfoot), 3:43. 3rd Place: Bridger Janson (Bonneville) pin JD Eskelson (Bonneville), 1:28.

106: 1st Place: Kolton Stacey (Shelley) dec. Landon Abercrombie (Blackfoot), 15-1. 3rd Place: Kole Sorenson (Bonneville) pin Zac Thompson (Blackfoot), 3:56.

113: 1st Place: Taye Trautner (Blackfoot) over Carter Lindsay (Blackfoot). 3rd Place: Konnar McGuire (Bonneville) dec. Conner Ridlon (Idaho Falls), 5-3.

120: 1st Place: Kayson Kenney (Idaho Falls) pin Justin Morris (Idaho Falls), 3:48. 3rd Place: Cameron Paulson (Skyline) pin Eli Abercrombie (Blackfoot), 0:26.

126: 1st Place: Esai Castaneda (Blackfoot) pin Ryan German (Blackfoot), 4:47. 3rd Place: Melvin Bundy (Bonneville) pin Orrin Hill (Shelley), 1:51.

132: 1st Place: Tommy Gallamore (Blackfoot) pin Landon Evans (Blackfoot), 1:10. 3rd Place: Hans Blanchard (Bonneville) maj. dec. Kaiden Greenwald (Skyline), 12-1.

138: 1st Place: Braxton Sorenson (Bonneville) maj. dec. Daniel Andrade (Blackfoot), 10-0. 3rd Place: Austin Despain (Blackfoot) dec. Kameron Ramirez (Hillcrest), 7-0.

145: 1st Place: Cooper French (Bonneville) dec. Lorenzo Luis (Hillcrest), 5-4. 3rd Place: Tucker Banks (Bonneville) pin Tristen Allen (Skyline), 0:57.

152: 1st Place: Taylor Balmforth (Shelley) pin Keaton Cushmen (Skyline), 5:59. 3rd Place: Jacob Allred (Hillcrest) pin Noah Smith-Nelson (Bonneville), 1:39.

160: 1st Place: Spencer Winchester (Bonneville) pin Micheal Edwards (Blackfoot), 1:52. 3rd Place: Nathan Undhjem (Blackfoot) pin Devryn Livingston (Idaho Falls), 1:30.

170: 1st Place: Nick Chappell (Blackfoot) pin Kyle Hatton (Shelley), 1:19. 3rd Place: Tanner French (Bonneville) dec. Jacob Averett (Blackfoot), 13-6.

182: 1st Place: Cort Erickson (Bonneville) dec. Jovon Howe (Idaho Falls), 9-5. 3rd Place: Payton Woodland (Blackfoot) dec. Dragen Robison (Blackfoot), 19-7.

195: 1st Place: Matthew Boone (Bonneville) pin Zane Morris (Shelley), 1:23. 3rd Place: Rich Moore (Blackfoot) dec. Micaiah Wood (Skyline), 9-3.

220: 1st Place: Hector Ramirez (Bonneville) over Kaiden Hansen (Bonneville). 3rd Place: Sean Steinmetz (Hillcrest) pin Joshua Brewer (Skyline), 2:41.

285: 1st Place: Joel Bowman (Bonneville) pin Parker Reynolds (Skyline), 1:12. 3rd Place: Nate Larsen (Shelley) pin Isaiah Lewis (Blackfoot), 1:27.

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