Sugar-Salem's Madi Fillmore goes up for a layup.

Sugar-Salem’s Madi Fillmore goes up for a layup during a game earlier this season.

High school seniors from 23 basketball teams have been selected to participate in the annual District 6 Senior Showcase Games scheduled for Wednesday at Bonneville High School.

The evening will begin with at 5 p.m. girls basketball game featuring players from 1A, 2A and 3A schools. It will be followed by a 6 p.m. girls game featuring players from 4A and 5A schools and a co-ed 3-point shooting contest and presentation of the District 6 Officials scholarships at 6:50 p.m. The first boys game of the evening is at 7:15 p.m., featuring players from 1A, 2A and 3A schools. It will be followed by the slam dunk contest at 8:15 p.m. and an 8:30 p.m. boys game featuring players from 4A and 5A schools.

The games will consist of 18-minute halves and a two-minute halftime. There will be a running clock unless the score is within eight points in the last two minutes of each half, and each team will have three 30-second timeouts available.

Athletes selected for the showcase are listed below.


Girls West 1A/2A/3A

Macie Knapp, Sugar-Salem

Madi Fillmore, Sugar-Salem

Lindsey Larson, Sugar-Salem

Sydney Bradshaw, Sugar-Salem

Abby Schiess, Firth

Kylee Barker, Firth

Jaylyn McKinnon, Firth

Ileaha Begay, Mackay

Jessi Farr, Challis

Alexa Nedrow, North Fremont

Coaches: Crystal Dayley, Sugar-Salem; Kashia Hale, Mackay

Girls East 1A/2A/3A

Maddie Johnson, Ririe

Anna Boone, Ririe

Cassidy Parkinson, Ririe

Kenadee Coles, Ririe

Jordi Holdaway, West Jefferson

Makiah Rogers, West Jefferson

Rachel Gebhardt, Salmon

Janie Nelson, Teton

Olivia LeCheminant, South Fremont

Paizlee Hobbs, South Fremont

Danielle Girvin, Leadore

Coaches: Damien Smith, Ririe; Carla Hansen, Butte County

Girls West 4A/5A

Maycee Stenquist, Hillcrest

Livia Wood, Hillcrest

Ashlyn Sargent, Hillcrest

Hallie Tueller, Hillcrest

Olivia Arave, Blackfoot

Allie Cannon, Blackfoot

Analise Cheret, Skyline

Avery Downs, Shelley

Sydney Leal, Shelley

Sidney Belliston, Thunder Ridge

Coach: Alan Sargent, Hillcrest

Girls East 4A/5A

Mateya Mobley, Rigby

Emma Shippen, Rigby

Kenadee French, Rigby

Summer Dabell, Rigby

Anna Fullmer, Rigby

Maunayia Harrigfeld, Bonneville

Savanah Dick, Madison

Kayeli Wasden, Madison

Madalyn Burton, Idaho Falls

Kennedy Burton, Idaho Falls

Coach: Troy Shippen, Rigby

Boys West 1A/2A/3A

Gerohm Rihari, Sugar-Salem

Curtis Drake, Sugar-Salem

Caleb Green, Mackay

Garrett Hawkes, North Fremont

Chris Hansen, North Fremont

Landon Bowman, Watersprings

Kyler Yancey, South Fremont

Brian Villalon, Leadore

Dillon Jacobs, West Jefferson

River Tucker, Salmon

Coaches: Shawn Freeman, Sugar-Salem; Kelvin Krosch, Mackay

Boys East 1A/2A/3A

Michael Ure, Ririe

Larz Sutton, Ririe

Stockton Johnson, Ririe

Stachel Heinen, Teton

Mitchell Cotant, Challis

Ross Sheppeard, Challis

Garrett Millick, Challis

Colton Mecham, Firth

Ethan Bindenagel, Taylor’s Crossing

Oscar Mendoza, Clark County

Coaches: Eric Torgerson, Ririe; Jerrod Farr, Challis

Boys West 4A/5A

Spencer Hathaway, Madison

Mason McWhorter, Madison

Jaden Schwab, Madison

Kyle Jackson, Madison

Bohlder Murray, Madison

Jordan Porter, Madison

Dalton Cook, Thunder Ridge

Kyle Austin, Hillcrest

Parker Boyle, Hillcrest

Bryce Cook, Hillcrest

Ethan Wilding, Skyline

Kadin Pabst, Skyline

Coach: Travis Schwab, Madison

Boys East 4A/5A

Kalvin Bowen, Idaho Falls

Paul Wilson, Idaho Falls

Braxton Ball, Idaho Falls

Andrew Gregersen, Idaho Falls

Wyatt Taylor, Rigby

Easton Martin, Rigby

Tagg Olaveson, Rigby

Randon Hostert, Bonneville

Riley Judy, Bonneville

Jamison Trane, Bonneville

Dexter Hale, Blackfoot

Brandon McBride, Shelley

Coach: Howard Hart, Idaho Falls

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