RIGBY--Before this season, Dallin Hart hadn’t competed in track since his freshman year.

The Skyline High School senior is making a mark in his return from hiatus. Hart won Friday’s varsity boys 3,200 meters in 9:52.80, Saturday’s 1,600 in 4:34.10 and placed second in Saturday’s 800 in at the annual Rigby Invitational.

Through Saturday, he is No. 8 in Idaho’s all-classification rankings for the boys 1,600 on athletic.net after running a 4:22.65 at last week’s Nike Boise Relays. After taking his sophomore season off from competitive running and being sidelined by a foot injury as a junior, he said he returned for his senior season after speaking with colleges about furthering his running career.

“It’s been nice to see all my work in the offseason paying off,” Hart said.

Hart said he not only aspires to qualify for state, but he is gunning for Skyline’s school records of 4:19 for the 1,600, 9:23 in the 3,200 and 1:56 for the 800. He is also having fun in the process, joining a handful of other Skyline boys by wearing sunglasses during Saturday’s races. After the 1,600, much laughter resulted when an athlete asked Hart, “So what’s the deal with wearing the sunglasses? Do they make you faster?”

“I think it was (Skyline teammate) Zack Lott who started it,” Hart said about racing with shades. “I’m just trying it out.”

A four-year track athlete competing in a different capacity this season is Shelley senior Amy White, who is moving from sprints to distance events. The College of Southern Idaho cross-country and track signee competed in nothing longer than the 400 her first three seasons, contributing 34 points to Shelley’s 3A girls track state championship as a junior. Saturday was her third 800 ever, and she completed a come-from-behind win with a personal best of 2:28.03. She edged Skyline sophomore Sariah Harrison--the winner of Friday’s 3,200--by three hundredths of a second.

“I just laid it all out,” White said.

Moving from sprints to distance has been a new venture in several ways. Shelley’s move from 3A to 4A this year means new competition at the district and state meets. Additionally, there is different physical and mental preparation for White, who placed third in Saturday’s 1,600 finals in 5:42 and ran the first leg for Shelley’s 4x400 team which finished fourth in 4:26.44. Running distance now puts her in the same events as state cross-country individual medalists such as Harrison, Thunder Ridge’s Hailey Thueson, Rigby’s Hailey Phillips, Thunder Ridge’s Jessica Moss, Idaho Falls’ Jennalee Lewis and Idaho Falls’ Hannah Kohler.

“I think I have a really hard time believing I can run that far that fast,” White said. “I’m so glad I get to run with them.”

Claiming an individual win and contributing to two others at his home meet was Rigby junior Luke Tapp. He was part of Rigby’s 4x800 team which won Friday’s finals in 8:45.46, Rigby’s 4x400 team which won Saturday’s finals in 3:37.87, Rigby’s 4x200 team, which placed fourth Saturday in 1:34.31 and he won Saturday’s varsity boys 400 in 51.81.

Tapp said he realized he had speed through middle school and freshman seasons, and he chose to embrace the 400. He has placed in the top four of every 400 he has competed in thus far this season and has aspirations of breaking 50 seconds.

“The 400 is the race a lot of people don’t want to work on,” Tapp said. “Sophomore year, I decided to make it my race.”

He also has a sense of pride running the boys 4x400. That event has produced much success at Rigby, including a photo finish win Tapp was part of last year that decided the boys team title at districts.

“That’s the race you get up every morning and work hard in practice for,” Tapp said. “It’s great to get those winning times.”

Joining Tapp as one of many multiple event winners this weekend was Idaho Falls senior Laurel Taylor, who won the varsity girls 100 in 12.93 and varsity girls 200 in 26.97. She credited her sub-13 and sub-27 times thus far this season to ample time on the track and in the gym.

“I trained really hard in the preseason,” Taylor said. “The competition this year is really good.”

Taylor is yet again balancing track with club volleyball this spring. A participant in both sports throughout her high school career, Taylor said she will likely pursue college track and has already made visits. She is aiming for low 12s in the 100 and sub-26, possibly sub-25, by the end of the season as well as her first individual state gold.

“The Ridgevue girl who beat me in the 200 at state last year, Chloe (Barylski), I would love to beat her,” Taylor said. “She’s really nice, though.”

Fellow returning state medalist Garrett Hawkes of North Fremont has also produced impressive times thus far this season. North Fremont’s school record holder in both boys hurdles events, Hawkes put a false start in Saturday’s 110 hurdles finals behind him to win Saturday’s varsity boys 300 hurdles finals in 40.74.

The senior is currently No. 5 in the 110 hurdles and No. 9 in the 300 hurdles all-classification athletic.net rankings for Idaho and his 110 time (15.12) is also atop Idaho’s 2A boys rankings.

“All the credit goes to (North Fremont hurdles) coach (Boyd) Millet,” Hawkes said. “He teaches senior English and government, so we see a lot of each other.”

Playing in both the 2A football and 2A boys basketball state title games made for quick turnarounds between sports seasons this year for Hawkes. He acknowledged that is the reality of a small school multi-sport athlete, and his approach to all three sports is the same.

“From football to basketball and now track, you’ve just gotta put in the work and stay humble and hungry,” Hawkes said.

Rigby Invite

Friday and Saturday at Rigby


Varsity team scores: 1. Rigby 142; 2. Skyline 114.33; 3. Shelley 70.83; 4. Blackfoot 59.33; 5. Bonneville 56; 6. Idaho Falls 54; 7. Highland 51.49; 8. Century 51; 9. West Yellowstone (Mont.) 25; 10. Thunder Ridge 22; 11. North Fremont 19; 12. Hillcrest 11

Varsity individual results

(Top 3 only. Full results on athletic.net)

100: 1, Laurel Taylor (IF) 12.93. 2, Sade Williams (BONN) 13.16. 3, Shaylee Dye (BONN) 13.25

200: 1, Laurel Taylor (IF) 26.97. 2, Sade Williams (BONN) 27.16. 3, Breanne Herrmann, (SKY) 28.11

400: 1, Breanne Herrmann (SKY) 59.87. 2, Tenleigh Smith (BLAC) 1:00.38. 3, Kamryn Comba (IF) 1:02.08

800: 1, Amy White (SH) 2:28.03. 2, Sariah Harrison (SKY) 2:28.11. 3, Kristen Thomas (BLAC) 2:31.95

1,600: 1, Jessica Moss (TR) 5:27.02. 2, Karlie Callahan (SH) 5:29.83. 3, Amy White (SH) 5:42.00

3,200: 1, Sariah Harrison (SKY) 11:26.35. 2, Hailey Thueson (TR) 11:42.98. 3, Hailey Phillips (RIG) 11:53.69

100 hurdles: 1, Macy Olson (SKY) 15.72. 2, Brooklyn Taylor (RIG) 16.16. 3, Kaitlyn Neff (BLAC) 16.92.

300 hurdles: 1, Macy Olson (SKY) 47.11. 2, Brooklyn Taylor (RIG) 48.20. 3, Lazai Koontz (HILL) 50.01

4x100: 1, Bonneville (Shaylee Dye, Leighton Stolworthy, Magan Herbst, Sade Williams), 51.17. 2, Skyline 52.16. 3, Century 53.57.

4x200: 1, Bonneville (Shaylee Dye, Leighton Stolworthy, Magan Herbst, Sade Williams), 1:49.72. 2, Century 1:52.27. 3, Skyline 1:52.66

4x400: 1, Skyline (Macy Olson, Jenaya Vander Stoep, Hannah Fish, Breanne Herrmann), 4:15.46. 2, Blackfoot 4:22.94. 3, Highland 4:24.74

4x800: 1, Highland (Elana Sanford, Lauren Benson, Zoe Christensen, Angela Renzello), 10:32.88. 2, Rigby 10:53.10. 3, Idaho Falls 11:03.64

High jump: 1, Taiylor Bybee (RIG) 5-02. 2, Madison Lempka (SH) J5-02. 3, Halli Austin (HIGH) 5-00

Long jump: 1, Chinma Njoku (CENT) 16-05.75. 2, Magan Herbst (BONN) 15-08.75. 3, Tailer Thomas (SKY) 15-04.50

Triple jump: 1, Tylie Jones (RIG) 34-07. 2, Taiylor Bybee (RIG) 33-09.50. 3, Adrianne Nedrow (NF) 32-07.50

Pole vault: 1, Emma Shippen (RIG) 10-06. 2, Ashley Jenson (RIG) 8-00. 3, Kiersten Wright (BLAC) J8-00

Shot put: 1, Mateya Mobley (RIG) 37-10. 2, Bri Molina (SKY) 34-10. 3, Tierney Bilstrom (SH) 32-06.

Discus: 1, Vanessa Delgadillo (IF) 121-08. 2, Mateya Mobley (RIG) 115-11. 3, Journey Ivie (RIG) 110-05.


Varsity team scores: 1. Skyline 158.5; 2. Rigby 129.7; 3. Century 74.5; 4. Hillcrest 71.2; 5. Shelley 53.2; 6. Highland 49; 7. Blackfoot 48.2; 8. Idaho Falls 41; 9. North Fremont 35; 10. Thunder Ridge 11; 11. Watersprings 4.2; 12. Bonneville 4; 13. West Yellowstone (Mont.) 1.5

Varsity individual results

(Top 3 only. Full results on athletic.net)

100: 1, Drake Hill (HIGH) 11.50. 2, Connor Maloney (SKY) 11.82. 3, Zion Johnson (SKY) 11.91

200: 1, Amari Evans (CENT) 23.82. 2, Landon Woods (CENT) 23.83. 3, Connor Maloney (SKY) 23.98.

400: 1, Luke Tapp (RIG) 51.81. 2, Mitch Parks (IF) 52.76. 3, Landon Woods (CENT) 52.94

800: 1, Joseph Campbell (RIG) 2:03.42. 2, Dallin Hart (SKY) 2:05.65. 3, Jared Harden (HIGH) 2:07.67

1,600: 1, Dallin Hart (SKY) 4:34.10. 2, Joseph Ereaux (IF) 4:38.74. 3, Jared Harden Jared (HIGH) 4:42.75

3,200: 1, Dallin Hart (SKY) 9:52.80. 2, Jared Harden (HIGH) 10:13.11. 3, Joseph Ereaux (IF) 10:13.77

110 hurdles: 1, Ty Wright (SH) 15.69. 2, Zedekiah Davis (SKY) 15.70. 3, Noah Whitaker (TR) 16.11.

300 hurdles: 1, Garrett Hawkes (NF) 40.74. 2, Bryce Cook (HILL) 41.86. 3, Zedekiah Davis (SKY) 42.39

4x100: 1, Skyline (Zion Johnson, Chayse Kidd, Miles Cook, Connor Maloney), 44.45. 2,Hillcrest 45.30. 3, Highland 45.93

4x200: 1, Skyline (Quinn Cassidy, Chayse Kidd, Miles Cook, Connor Maloney), 1:32.53. 2, Century 1:33.43. 3, Hillcrest 1:34.25

4x400: 1, Rigby (Tyken Stibal, Ethan Clarke, Joseph Campbell, Luke Tapp), 3:37.87. 2, Blackfoot 3:43.97. 3, Idaho Falls 3:44.21

4x800: 1, Rigby (Joseph Campbell, Nathan Fielding, Luke Tapp, Trenton Fried), 8:45.46. 2, Blackfoot 8:47.32. 3, Skyline 9:23.85

High jump: 1, Ty Wright (SH) 6-07. 2, Kaden Hall (RIG) 6-02. 3, Wyatt Wanstrom, Wyatt (RIG) 6-00.

Long jump: 1, Ty Wright (SH) 21-06.50. 2, Kaden Hall (RIG) 21-06.25. 3, Gutama Haws (HILL) 20-01.

Triple jump: 1, Zion Johnson (SKY) 44-04.25. 2, Wyatt Wanstrom (RIG) 41-10.75. 3, Kaden Hall (RIG) 41-07.50

Pole vault: 1, Brayden Denney (HILL) 14-00. 2, Kaden Hall (RIG) 13-06. 3, Zackary Lott (SKY) 12-06

Shot put: 1, Nathan Franz (RIG) 57-02.50. 2, Joel Cortez (SKY) 47-04. 3, Brady Sainz (HILL) 46-09

Discus: 1, Joel Cortez, Joel (SKY) 163-11. 2, Nathan Franz (RIG) 152-02. 3, Bristin Corrigan (HIGH) 132-04

Marlowe Hereford is a sports reporter for the Post Register. Contact her at 542-6772 and find her on Twitter: @mwhereford.

Marlowe Hereford has worked for the Post Register since August 2011. She has covered 11 different high school sports, Olympic sports and recreational sports.

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