The upcoming Emotion Bowl between Idaho Falls and Skyline has a lot to live up to following Friday’s other intense rivalry, the Civil War game between Hillcrest and Bonneville.

After recovering a fumbled kickoff in front of his own bench, Idaho Falls senior linebacker Brennon Peck looked like he didn’t want to give up the ball.

It’s good when a plan comes together. For North Fremont, it wasn’t necessarily a plan that the offense would be built around an experienced line; it was more of a necessity.

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There was some interesting movement in this week’s state football media poll as North Fremont moved into first place in the 2A rankings while Sugar-Salem dropped out of the top spot in 3A.

At Blackfoot, the Hillcrest High School boys soccer team defeated Blackfoot for a conference win in their first meeting since last year’s 4A District 6 championship game.

There were some shake ups in this week’s state football rankings as teams begin to find out just how competitive they are against non-conference opponents. That changes this week as some team jump into conference play.

Kendra Billman and Kacy Fredrickson each scored two goals and Keeley Combo added an unassisted goal. Katelyn Allen also scored and Alexis Adams converted a penalty kick.

POCATELLO — Punched in the mouth early by Idaho Falls, Century punched back, riding Jovan Sowell’s five receiving touchdowns to a 42-20 comeback victory at Holt Arena on Friday.

Skyline coach Scott Berger said he likes to schedule tough teams at the beginning of the season with the goal of giving his players the chance to line up against top-notch competition before conference play.

The first week of high school football is upon us so let’s take a look at what to expect.