Spectators at the 46th annual Tiger-Grizz Invitational familiar with the name ‘Moss’ from boys distance finals the last two years got introduced to another Moss on Saturday at Ravsten Stadium.

One of five freshmen competing in the race, Thunder Ridge’s Jessica Moss moved up considerably in the bell lap to win the varsity girls 800-meter finals in two minutes, 27.78 seconds and claim her first individual Tiger-Grizz gold.

Fellow freshman Mikelle Dorman of Madison took the lead early in the bell lap over Skyline sophomore Sariah Harrison before Moss began moving up. Moss was ahead after the 200 mark and held off Harrison by less than a second in the final 100.

The freshman said it took a little while to get free before moving up en route to the win.

“I got boxed in right there at the start of the bell lap,” Moss said. “I really felt the wind (with 300 left) and I went with Sariah.”

Later Saturday, Moss won the freshman girls 1,600 in 5:41.37 and made the quick turnaround to help the Titans place third in the girls 4x400 final in 4:20.68. While she is also a distance runner like older brother Stetson, a Thunder Ridge junior who set the Tiger-Grizz freshman boys 1,600 record two years ago, she prefers the 800 while he is more inclined to the 3,200.

“I just like it because it’s not too long,” Moss said. “I feel like the 2-mile is too long and drawn out. The 800 is really all adrenaline.”

Another underclassman to claim a career-first individual Tiger-Grizz gold Saturday was Idaho Falls sophomore Zac Bright, who won the varsity boys 800 in 2:00.18. The competition featured several competitors from Saturday’s 1,600 and 3,200, including several state-ranked runners, and Bright said he anticipated a tight battle with Pocatello sophomore Shane Gard. That intuition proved true, as Bright took the win over Gard by 0.33 seconds. Gard was closing the gap in the final 100, and the top three finishers all crossed faster than 2:01.30.

“I knew I had it in me to be top three, but I was not expecting to win,” Bright said. “I definitely think that was the best race I could have ran today.”

Madison senior Rayven Nealey went 4-for-4 on the last day of the final Tiger-Grizz of her career, winning the varsity girls 100 in 12.89, leaping a personal best and meet record 18 feet, three inches to win varsity girls long jump, winning triple jump with a distance of 37-7.25 and anchoring the Bobcats to the win in the varsity girls 4x100 in 49.94.

The wins in long jump and triple jump made her back-to-back Tiger-Grizz champion in those events, and the meet record in long jump was particularly pleasing.

“I was really surprised,” Nealey said.

Rigby senior Mateya Mobley also continued an impressive win streak of her own upon claiming the varsity girls shot put with a mark of 38-5. The Wyoming signee is undefeated in the event going back to the beginning of her junior season and has won gold at Tiger-Grizz every year of her career, a fact her coach brought up to her prior to this weekend. She won the freshman title in 2016 and has won varsity every year since.

Tiger-Grizz four-peat completed, the defending 5A state champion is eager to continue progressing.

“I want to stay positive and definitely try to get a PR, go over 40 feet,” said Mobley, whose personal best is 41-10.5 from last year’s state meet.

Mobley’s fellow senior Emma Shippen also defended her Tiger-Grizz title Saturday, clearing 11 feet to repeat as girls pole vault champion.

Feeling a bit of deja vu of his own to past Tiger-Grizz finals was Skyline senior Zedekiah Davis. A year earlier, he took second to North Fremont’s Garrett Hawkes in a photo finish of the varsity boys 110 hurdles finals. Hawkes defended that title Saturday with a winning time of 15.14 to Davis’s 15.66, but it came down to the wire with Davis in the 300 hurdles finals with Davis winning 41.16 to 41.20.

“Garrett’s a great competitor,” Davis said. “It’s great to know everyone’s working as hard as you.”

Closing out the meet with a win for co-host team Skyline was the quartet of Macy Olson, Jenaya Vander Stoep, Hannah Fish and Breanne Herrmann, who won the girls 4x400 in 4:14.20. It was a showdown between two teams with much success as of late, as second-place Firth entered Saturday having won five meets in a row. It also marked a year’s worth of progression by the Grizz teammates who weren’t all running the 400 or the 4x400 last season.

“Now we’re more confident,” Herrmann said.

Receiving Male and Female Athlete of the Meet awards as decided by coach vote were Rigby senior Nathan Franz, who swept the varsity boys throwing titles upon winning Saturday’s discus finals with 167-9.65, and Skyline’s Sariah Harrison, who won Saturday’s 1,600 in 5:17.27, Friday’s 3,200 in 11:32.53 and took second in Saturday’s 800.

Franz had already left Ravsten Stadium, but was still in Idaho Falls when his coach called to tell him to return to the stadium.

“I had a really good weekend,” Franz said. “This is always a great meet.”

Shortly after receiving her plaque, Harrison joined her teammates in helping to clean up Ravsten.

“I was not expecting this,” Harrison said. “It didn’t even enter my head. I’m very touched.”

46th annual Tiger-Grizz Invitational, Day 2

Saturday at Ravsten Stadium

  • Top three only from Saturday’s finals listed below. Complete results on athletic.net
  • -denotes meet record


Varsity 100 (w: -1.3): 1, Wyatt Moore (Star Valley) 11.11. 2, Drake Hill (Highland) 11.49. 3, Williams Ashley (Challis) 11.62.

Freshman 100 (w: -1.1): 1, Tre Kofe (Hillcrest) 11.92. 2, Eli Parrish (Highland) 12.39. 3, De’onte Lang (Century) 12.47.

200 (w: -2.1): 1, Wyatt Moore (Star Valley) 22.59. 2, Drake Hill (Highland) 23.27. 3, Luke Tapp (Rigby) 23.45.

Varsity 400: 1, Luke Tapp (Rigby) 50.87. 2, Trajan Holtzen (Canyon Ridge) 51.33. 3, Kason Hewatt (Pocatello) 51.42.

Freshman 400: 1, Dallan Morse (Blackfoot) 52.86. 2, Rylan Anderson (Snake River) 54.18. 3, Myles Guerrero (Century) 54.28.

800: 1, Zac Bright (Idaho Falls) 2:00.18. 2, Shane Gard (Pocatello) 2:00.51. 3, Mohamed Mohamed (Canyon Ridge) 2:01.22.

Varsity 1,600: 1, Dallin Bird (Pocatello) 4:26.16. 2, Peter Visser (Star Valley) 4:27.10. 3, Asefa Wetzel (Star Valley) 4:27.45.

Freshman 1,600: 1, Eli Gregory (Blackfoot) 4:52.68. 2, Garrett Hale ( Preston) 4:53.22. 3, Seth Bingham (Thunder Ridge) 4:54.07.

Varsity 110 Hurdles, (w: -1.1): 1, Garrett Hawkes (North Fremont) 15.14. 2, Zedekiah Davis (Skyline) 15.66. 3, Ty Wright (Shelley) 15.90.

Freshman 110 Meter Hurdles, (w: -1.6): 1, Cameron Porter (Madison) 17.29. 1, Rylan Anderson (Snake River) 17.29. 3, Nathan Taylor (Rigby) 17.95.

300 Hurdles: 1, Zedekiah Davis (Skyline) 41.16. 2, Garrett Hawkes (North Fremont) 41.20. 3, King, Gage, Canyon Ridge, 41.74.

Varsity 4x100: 1, Skyline (Zedekiah Davis, Chayse Kidd, Miles Cook, Connor Maloney) 43.80. 2, Madison 44.40. 3, Hillcrest 44.72.

Freshman 4x100: 1, Idaho Falls (Kyan Jesperson, Leo Nelson, Javier Sanchez, Benjamin Moore), 47.27. 2, Rigby 48.99. 3, Preston 49.92.

4x200: 1, Madison (Cooper Poll, Gavin Fuller, Val Clarke, Karson Hastings), 1:31.67. 2, Century 1:33.37. 3, Hillcrest 1:33.50.

4x400: 1, Pocatello (Kaden Hales, Kason Hewatt, Traven Hargraves, Shane Gard), 3:28.87. 2, Canyon Ridge 3:30.98. 3, Rigby 3:31.47.

Varsity Long Jump, w:NWI: 1, Amari Evans (Century) 21-05. 2, Troy Wissenbach (Marsh Valley) 21-02. 3, Garrett Hawkes (North Fremont) J21-02

Triple Jump, w:NWI: 1, Zion Johnson (Skyline) 43-08.50. 2, Jonathan Hunt (Madison) 42-10. 3, Adam Jones (Highland) 42-05.50

Discus: 1, Nathan Franz (Rigby) 167-09.50. 2, Sergio Garcia (Burley) 143-11. 3, Martin Tran (Canyon Ridge) 143-01.


Varsity 100: (w: -1.7) 1, Rayven Nealey (Madison) 12.89. 2, Laurel Taylor (Idaho Falls) 12.96. 3, Sade Williams (Bonneville) 13.07.

Freshman 100, (w: -4.6): 1, Saydree Bell (Highland) 13.48. 2, Allison Horsley (Century) 13.67. 3, Addison Trent (Firth) 13.72.

200: (w: -2.1) 1, Laurel Taylor (Idaho Falls) 26.36. 2, Sade Williams (Bonneville) 26.45. 3, Jordi Holdaway (West Jefferson) 27.06.

Varsity 400: 1, Adison Spillett (Pocatello) 59.77. 2, Breanne Herrmann (Skyline) 59.99. 3, Cassi Robbins (Firth) 1:00.91.

Freshman 400: 1, Kamryn Comba (Idaho Falls) 1:01.17. 2, Cambree Hall (West Jefferson) 1:02.31. 3, Ryley Klingler (Sugar-Salem) 1:02.40

800: 1, Jessica Moss (Thunder Ridge) 2:27.78. 2, Sariah Harrison (Skyline) 2:28.22. 3, Mikelle Dorman (Madison) 2:29.70.

Varsity 1,600: 1, Sariah Harrison (Skyline) 5:17.27. 2, Hailey Thueson (Thunder Ridge) 5:25.19. 3, Elise Kelsey (Bear Lake) 5:25.58.

Freshman 1,600: 1, Jessica Moss (Thunder Ridge) 5:41.37. 2, Riley Ward (Preston) 5:46.97. 3, Hannah Kohler (Idaho Falls) 5:48.25.

Varsity 100 hurdles (w: -3.5): 1, Madi Zink (Pocatello) 15.61. 2, Macy Olson (Skyline) 16.09. 2, Brylie Adams (Burley) 16.09.

Freshman 100 hurdles (w: -1.0): 1, Whitney Wasden (Madison) 16.59. 2, Lynzey Searle (Burley) 16.60. 3, Reese Callahan (Shelley) 17.44.

300 hurdles: 1, Madi Zink (Pocatello) 45.59. 2, Breanne Herrmann (Skyline) 46.58. 3, Hannah Bolingbroke (Madison) 46.60.

Varsity 4x100: 1, Madison (Savannah Lee, Kayeli Wasden, Hannah Bolingbroke, Rayven Nealey), 49.94. 2, Bonneville 50.34. 3, Pocatello 52.12.

Freshman 4x100: 1, Rigby (Emma Alvarez, Amelia Martinez, Hadley Good, Jada Kinghorn), 53.69. 2, Canyon Ridge 54.35. 3, Madison 54.47.

4x200: 1, Bonneville (Shaylee Dye, Leighton Stolworthy, Magan Herbst, Sade Williams), 1:45.93. 2, Pocatello 1:48.44. 3, West Jefferson 1:49.33.

4x400: 1, Skyline (Macy Olson, Jenaya Vander Stoep, Hannah Fish, Breanne Herrmann), 4:14.20. 2, Firth 4:17.96. 3, Thunder Ridge 4:20.68.

Pole Vault: 1, Emma Shippen (Rigby) 11-00. 2, Kassi Christensen (Sugar-Salem) 10-00. 3, Sage Wood (West Jefferson) 9-06.

Varsity Long Jump, w:NWI: 1, Rayven Nealey (Madison) 18-03, 2, Savannah Royal (Preston) 17-01.25. 3, Charlotte Wilson (Rockland) 16-10

Triple Jump, w:NWI: 1, Rayven Nealey (Madison) 37-07.25. 2, Savannah Royal (Preston) 36-08. 3, Tylie Jones (Rigby) 35-05.50

Varsity Shot Put: 1, Mateya Mobley (Rigby) 38-05. 2, Mayla Ivie (West Jefferson) 37-01. 3, Destiny Harris (Pocatello) 36-02.

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