Shelley football coach

Josh Wells (left) was introduced as the new Shelley High School football coach by athletic director Wade Messick on Monday.

SHELLEY — Josh Wells, a Shelley High School graduate, was named the new head football coach at the school Monday night following the resignation of Jake Monahan last fall.

Athletic Director Wade Messick made the announcement.

“I am stoked to be the new football coach,” Wells said. “It is my goal to bring Shelley back to the days when we were considered the favorite to win everything. Back to the days where we won six state titles in 10 years. I was a part of two of those championships and I want to see more of those blue trophies in the trophy case.”

Wells has been part of the coaching staff at West Jefferson and is a graduate of BYU-Idaho. He did not play football in college, but was an all-state guard when he played at Shelley and participated in the Down Under Bowl.

“We have invited everyone here tonight to get to know each other and to tell you about my philosophy of football and the building up of our young men,” Wells said. “We will become a family and we will watch each other’s backs and I will make sure that your young men will learn the fundamentals of football and how the game is meant to be played before they step onto that field. It will start with Grid Kids and that means every player from the fourth grade through the high school will be part of a team that wins these trophies and championships.”

Wells comes into a program that suffered through a 2-8 season, its first year in 4A in several years. He said he’s excited about the prospect of playing a tough schedule filled with good teams.

“We want to play the best because when you beat the best it means you are progressing in the right direction,” Wells said. “I am happy that we play in the toughest conference in the state and that we get the opportunity to prove ourselves against the best. We will work hard to be up to the task and we will get back to playing more smash-mouth football than what you have seen lately.”

Wells is still working on putting his coaching staff together and promises to have plenty of football in the off-season. He has been the strength and conditioning coach at West Jefferson and will bring a lot of those lessons and skills to Shelley, he said.

“We will get to work as soon as school is over this spring,” Wells said. “We will be in the weight room getting bigger and stronger and we will have several camps for everyone from the Grid Kids to the high school players. Camps and working hard is how you get better and we will be ready for the first game this fall.”

Wells brings eight years of National Guard experience, where he did a lot of leadership training and teaching.

“I want every kid in this program to be a leader,” Wells said. “Often you will have a kid that wants to be a leader and doesn’t know how. We will teach that to your kids, to everyone in the program from the fourth grade on up. It is important that every player in the program knows what is expected of them and that they know how to bring it out in themselves and each other. That is part of what I envision this program to be. I am stoked to be here and I hope that you all will be as stoked as I am when we get done.”

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