Ty Wright signs letter of intent with BYU

Shelley’s Ty Wright gathers with family at his signing to BYU on Friday.

SHELLEY — Ty Wright has been the best in the state for the past three years in the high jump. He has three gold medals from the state 3A track and field championships to prove it.

On Friday, the tall, slender athlete from Shelley High School signed a letter of intent to take his jumping skills to the next level and compete for Brigham Young University.

“I am going to finish my career in high school, hopefully with a fourth title, this time in the 4A classification, then it will be on to BYU,” Wright said. “I have talked with and looked at some other programs, but what it came down to was the connection I made with the coaches at BYU when I visited there this winter.”

Wright has been “the man” for the past several years, especially in the 3A classification. He cleared a personal best six feet, 9.5 inches at the USA Track and Field Region 11 Junior Olympic Championships last June and thinks that seven feet is within his reach in the near future.

“I clear 6-8 almost without a lot of effort, and at times there is a good three or four inches clearance between the bar and my body when I jump that high,” Wright said. “If I catch the right day, I should be able to clear seven feet.”

According to his coaches, Ryan Campbell and Drew Wilson, Wright has been a great student and a good study of what it takes to become a champion jumper.

“I really didn’t have to do much coaching with Ty,” Wilson said. “I have given him some tools to work with and has pretty much done the rest.”

A hard worker, Wright could be seen during the summer months dragging the high jump pit landing cushions to the pit area and setting things up for himself and working on his technique for hours.

He never gave up a chance to work on his jump, pretty much year-round.

“Ty is a great athlete, a hard worker, and he will do well at BYU,” Campbell said. “We are all very happy for him and wish him the best, but we know that he will be successful wherever he ends up. He is that type of athlete.”

Wright is happy with the package that he received from BYU. He did not receive a full-ride scholarship, but then there aren’t many of those given out for track and field.

Wright will study sports management and expects to get right to work when he arrives on campus in mid-August. He does not plan to take any time off for a church mission and will work to get through his classes in a minimum of time because he knows that an athlete’s duration is limited and he has to make the most of his opportunity now.

Wright also has a passion for the sport of volleyball, but will limit himself to a lot of intramural volleyball for now and concentrate on his high jumping.

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