Callan Phillips joined the military for practical reasons. His wife was pregnant and he was able to have a full-time job and insurance and take care of his family without a college degree.

Bryan Plass was a good student and a good athlete in high school, but he lacked purpose and direction. He found both in the military and it changed his life.

Adam Frickey, born and raised in Boise, was a 2002 graduated from Centennial High School in the aftermath of September 11. He and many friends signed up for the military in their senior year of high school and headed to MCRD in San Diego a month after graduation.

Kelly Wilson was living in Hillsboro, Oregon, and living paycheck to paycheck with two roommates and an iguana, when she realized she was in a dead-end rut.

Born and raised in Provo, Utah, LeMoyne Monk graduated in May 1943, while WWII was in full swing. He enlisted in the Army and reported to Ft. Douglas in Salt Lake City on July 24, 1943.

It wasn’t too hard for Nick Balsmeier’s brother to talk him into joining the Air National Guard in Boise.

Robert E. Close is the counselor at Jefferson Elementary School. Close has been a counselor in the district for 27 years and has been at Jefferson Elementary for about five years.

Lester Reiss, a Vietnam veteran, had the opportunity a year ago to do the Honor Flight to Washington D.C. with 49 other veterans.

John Akimoto – Born Sept. 22, 1923 in Idaho Fall, Akimoto lived in Menan and enlisted in the Army on April 7, 1943 as one of the first two volunteers for the 100th Infantry Battalion from the Amache Internment Camp. As a Private in the army, he died April 2, 1944 in Italy. 

Bryon Dalley Mason was born in Milo, Jefferson County on June 3, 1912. Son of Eleanor Armstrong Mason and Joseph Henry Mason, Byron lived his life largely apart of the Ririe community, playing baseball and exploring stock yards, walking down the train tracks and picnicking along the canal.

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Daniel Edward Boomgaarden, active member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars and avid model railroader, passed away Sept. 3 of complications from surgery.

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The American Legion (TAL) family is the world’s largest patriotic service organization whose theme is “Veterans Serving Veterans and Their families”. We are volunteers comprised of TAL, American Legion Auxiliary, Sons of the American Legion, Junior Auxiliary and Legion Riders.

For veterans serving in the VFW posts in Jefferson County, funerals are a solemn affair.

Veterans Day was Nov. 11, 1918 at 11:00 a.m. It is worthy to note that this day was originally referred to as Armistice Day, commemorating the end of World War I.

In the movies, the Marines were always the heroes, always the ones who got things done, and the toughest branch of military to be in.

When the recession hit, Cory Christiaens decided to join the Navy in July of 2009 for the money he needed to finish college. But something unexpected happened.

When Casey Burns’ high school buddy, said, “let’s join the Marines,” Burns had no idea that decision would send him halfway around the world and launch a stint as a sumo wrestler.

Larry Anderson was born November 26, 1944, in Idaho Falls, and after graduating from Idaho Falls High School in 1963, he decided to enlist in the Army.

Doug Shlader teaches social studies, government, economics, P.E. and weights at Ririe High School. He’s been teaching for five years and this is his fourth year at Ririe.

At the age of 19 Bernard A. Brooks from Lisbon, Michigan, enlisted as a trumpeter in St. Louis on October 25th, 1875. To do so he required the consent of his parents Joseph Brooks and Olive M. Brooks of the Township of Sparta, County of Kent, State of Michigan, since he was just 19 years old…

As a child growing up near Chicago, Ill., Frank Stees enjoying aircraft and building models and dreamed of becoming a pilot.

Three years ago, a Korean veteran’s dying wish to have his wheelchair given to someone in need led to the formation of a program that has donated hundreds of chairs to veterans and their family members.

Death of Civil War Veteran … Word was received Saturday of the passing away of Francis M. Kendrick, who for the past two months has been a patient in a hospital at Salt Lake City. Mrs. F. M Kendrick, Mrs. Sophia Smith, a daughter, Mrs. John Hayes Jr., a daughter and her husband and a son, Os…

We live in the greatest country in the world, and yet there are some who refuse to stand when the National Anthem is played, or our flag is displayed, or when we say the Pledge of Allegiance. They say they are doing it to protest injustices and other wrongs. Injustices and wrongs have been a…

Those who made sacrifices for the United States of America will be teaching younger generations about the value of patriotism and the history of their freedoms this Veterans Day.

Two Dubois visitors for the evening at a former Clark County picnic some 8 years ago were Art Stevens, former WWII Veteran, and Jeffrey Forrey, both now of Salt Lake City, were in the area visiting Art’s friends and family. Art grew up in Clark County and was raised mainly in the Spencer are…

I, Horace Delbert Frederiksen, was born in Kilgore, Idaho on the Frederiksen ranch August 31, 1924, to Hans Edward and Leah Virginia McGovern Frederiksen.

Menan Mayor Tad Haight and his wife Jolyn recently returned from a three week vacation to Australia, a trip which he says was the most fun he has had in decades.

(METRO)–Students may need some time to adjust at the beginning of a new school year. Summer vacations typically lack the structure of the school year, and it might be unfair to expect kids to seamlessly slip back into their more regimented lives as students.

(METRO)–Mornings can test the patience and stamina of busy families as adults and children hurry to get out the door on time. Starting off the morning already stressed can lead to feeling tense throughout the rest of the day.

(METRO)–Although there are a variety of theories behind the growing obesity problem plaguing North American adults and children, the most consistent findings point to caloric intake as the culprit. Here’s a simple equation to get to the root of the problem:

(METRO)–Being the new kid in school can be a tall order for youngsters. Children who change schools may face a host of challenges that studies suggest can affect both their social and academic development.

Celebrating the 80th anniversary of the St. Anthony Lions Club included Dist. Gov. Joyce Saunders and Bob Saunders, of Star Valley, Wyo. and incoming Dist. Gov. Greg Torgesen, of Soda Springs. Other attending members included and Bonnie Stoddard and Lisa Clements, of the Dubois Lions Club. T…

It has never been questioned whose name belongs above classroom no. 7 at West Jefferson High School. Adorned by student artwork and a picture of Einstein, for 32 years that doorway has been the beginning for many incoming freshmen as they began their high school careers. For many students, C…

Like many others Tyler Longhurst turned to music to help him through difficult times during his life, but unlike many others, he actually had the opportunity to perform and talk with several of his favorite music artists.

A crowd listens to a pilot tell the history of the U.S. air mail system during Dubois Airport’s celebration of the U.S. air mail’s centennial May 19.