The fourth-grade students at Farnsworth Elementary School spent their Valentine’s Day serving others by making fleece blankets for children at Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center.

Carla Corbridge, a fourth-grade teacher at Farnsworth Elementary, said she likes to have her students do something service-oriented every year for Valentine’s Day.

Last year, for example, her class had the opportunity to collect money and give the donations to the Rigby City Library Committee.

However, Corbridge said she wanted to try something different this year. That’s when she and Stephanie Baldwin, another fourth-grade teacher at Farnsworth Elementary, came up with the idea of making blankets.

“We thought it would be fun for the students to make blankets and give them to the kids at EIRMC,” she said.

Between these two fourth-grade classes, the kids were able to make 47 fleece blankets to take to the pediatric center at EIRMC, according to Corbridge.

She said the parents helped with this service project by donating the materials and volunteering their time to help finish the blankets and deliver them to the hospital.

“The parents were a key factor in this process,” Corbridge said. “I was totally overcome with their generosity and how much they participated.”

She said the students enjoyed doing this service project and focusing on others for the day.

“They love sharing what they have with others,” she said. “They are always excited.”

In addition, Baldwin said they incorporated measuring skills and other learning skills into this project.

“They were excited about the project,” Baldwin said. “They didn’t miss the traditional Valentine’s party.”

Principal Jeanette Hollis said she enjoys watching the students participate in different service projects.

“Valentine’s Day is about love, and I believe this teaches children to love others in a way more meaningful than simply giving them candy,” she said.

Principal Hollis said it’s important to teach children the value of service. She said she hopes to incorporate this principle into the school setting.

“We live in a world that can be very materialistic, and I believe that if we can teach our children at a young age to support and serve those around us, that can only project them later in life to do the same thing,” she said. “As a world, we need to come together and even if these service projects only help our corner of the planet, they still make an enormous impact on those receiving. We are very fortunate that we live in a community that does support each other and values service to others.”