Students of the Jefferson School District No. 251 will see a plethora of new school programs and classes for the 2018-2019 school year.

Superintendent Lisa Sherick said Rigby Middle School will see an abundance of changes this year, from new programs to additional classroom space.

7th grade athletics have been added at Rigby Middle School, along with the expansion of the Chinese and Spanish immersion programs into the 6th grade. New elective courses, Introduction to Agriculture, Exploring Agriculture, Introduction to the Livestock Industry and Introduction to Natural Resources will also be added to the middle school.

“In addition, we have added eight modular classrooms to Rigby Middle School to provide additional space and accommodate for student growth,” Sherick said in an email.

Like the middle school, Rigby High School students will have the opportunity to explore a variety of new classes and schooling options.

New classes include Auto Mechanics Math, Appreciation of Drama and Survey of Jazz. Biology students will also be learning from brand new textbooks that meet the new science standards.

Along with the new classes the district has expanded its high school course offerings to include more opportunities for students to receive college credit. These additional classes are offered through traditional teaching, and with the newly implemented online program.

“We have started an online program for high school students called Jefferson School District On-line Education,” Sherick said. “High School students can take one or more classes up to full time online at no cost. The intent of this program is to meet the learning needs of all students. We recognize some students prefer an on-line learning environment and we want to prepare students to be college and career ready.”

At the elementary school level, the district has hired additional school counselors.

“To increase our availability of counseling support in our elementary schools,” Sherick said.

Sherick said the Roberts Elementary School was also re-striped to provide additional parking for parents and patrons.

For more information on other projects the district is actively working on, or have finished can be found on page 3.

Lastly, the district is currently repurposing the former junior high and turning part of it into a new pre-school.

“We will be opening an Early Childhood Education Center (pre-school) on our downtown property,” she said. “This center will consolidate our current pre-school classrooms from throughout the district and make services available at one location. This will also free up some classroom space in specific schools.”

Sherick said the goals for the school year weren’t developed before press time, being that they were developed with the district’s principals on Tuesday. However she said their mission remains the same year after year.

“Our mission remains to provide each student with the highest education possible,” she said. “We are a community focused on student learning in order to build character, foster informed and productive citizenship, and prepare all youth for college and career success.”

The first day of school for students in the Jefferson School District is Aug. 29. For more information about the start of school see page 9.