I am a resident of Rigby, and having spent nearly all my career in local government, I think qualifies me to make an observation here. I have attended a few city council meetings and have become aware of some of the issues with which Rigby has to deal. During this COVID situation, it appears that many who do not depend on small, family businesses for their livelihood are largely indifferent to their demise, as we have witnessed over the past few months.

Family businesses are a sign of independence, not only for the owners, but the employees and customers as well. Unlike the multi-national, government-controlled corporations, small business are less strangled with financial and operational policies and other edicts meant to appease the wave of political correctness that has covered the land for so many years. In order to be rid of them (not intentionally of course), while embracing the large corporations with whom cities, counties and states are infatuated, in that state of mind, they promote tax incentives and other deals that make it lucrative for them to relocate to the “highest bidder.”

After being established, they undermine the local’s prices and hire away their employees, resulting in their ultimate demise. When that occurs, some employees and customers are included in their spoils. With the small businesses removed, the way is paved for the large corporations to control the new employees, the various levels of government that courted them and thereby have a foothold through government to control the people.

In addition, their construction often requires local government to install expensive infrastructure at the tax payers expense, they would not otherwise need all at once. So, like the destruction of the small, independent businesses along the east and west coast, which I believe was and is part of the COVID agenda and done so under the watchful eye and with the consent of politicians, so local business are destroyed, as described, with the same level of indifference. If you were paying attention, when the Corona Virus first broke, you may have noticed that the big corporations weren’t deemed non-essential, but the small ones.

I want to say that it is my observation that the Mayor of Rigby, Mayor Richardson does not fit the above-stated mold. From conversation and what I have observed, he supports small businesses and, unlike some politicians of other cities and governmental agencies, he has done his part, instead, to keep them open. Taking a stance like this makes him a statesman instead of a politician, yes, one who tries to protect our freedom, rather than one who tears it down. I would like to thank him for what he has done.

Paul Raymond