CLARK COUNTY — Smoke is still hanging out in the skies over our county. We did get some wind at the end of the week and weekend that cleared up some of the smoky skies. Despite those weather events, there was a rodeo as planned on Sept. 11. Clark County remembers that day with their annual Memorial Rodeo for local residents who have passed on. The 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks will long be remembered.

The smoky skies have hung over the Kilgore area. That has not stopped the hunters, vacationing people and/or the local agriculture visitors and locals.

Joe Lewis is the main coach for the junior high volleyball team and Lorri Clark is his assistant. The junior high girls, the A and B Bobcat teams, played the Mackay Miners in Dubois on Sept. 10. The junior varsity and varsity volleyball teams played in Dubois on Sept. 9 in matches against the Grace Lutheran and North Gem teams. Our athletic director Erica Perez said that the teams all played some awesome matches last week. The next home games for (JV & Varsity girls) volleyball are Sept. 23 with Rockland and Sept. 29 with a tri-match between the Bobcats, Ririe and Taylor’s Crossing. Junior High home games are slated for Sept. 15 (opponent Swan Valley), Sept. 22 (opponent North Gem) and a tri-match on Sept. 28 with Lima, MT and Leadore.

The Bobcats boys who are playing football on the Co-Op team with West Jefferson include: Ivan Perez, Tony Raya, Landon Gardner, Jaime Perez, Kooper Mickelsen and Eric Barrientos. The Football Homecoming at West Jefferson was on Sept. 10 against Teton. The next home game is on Sept. 24 with opponent North Fremont.

Archery hunting continues in our area with locals looking for elk and deer. Jimmy Robert Stevens of Dubois got his elk on Labor Day this year.

Will Thompson of Dubois is off on an archery hunting trip this week. He is hunting near Clayton, ID. He is looking for an elk to bag.

Connor Messler, Project Manager for Excellon Gold Resources, a Dubois resident, took a trip to visit family and his fiancé. He went to his family’s home in Waverly, PA. They had a family gathering that included a horseshoe tournament.

Tamara Horne of Ucon attended the Shamrock food distributing food show in Boise last week. She was in Boise on Sept. 7, 8 & 9. While there she got to not only attend the show, but also visit family. She spent time with her sister, youngest son, niece, nephew, and an uncle.

Pete McGarry of Hamer had a team of mules in a contest at the Eastern Idaho State Fair last week. In the competition, he came in second place.

Bonnie Stoddard of Dubois reported that Casey Amy of Harrison, ID, who grew up in Kilgore and the surrounding areas, recently passed on due to a heart attack on Sept. 4. Casey is the son of Robert & Judy Amy.

The annual Spencer, ID family and friend’s picnic & auction took place on Sept. 11. Food, fun and nice items for the auction were on hand.

IDAHO Food bank distribution in Dubois is set for Tuesday, Sept. 21 at the usual location.

Dubois got some rain on Friday to clear up the smoky skies.

Happy Birthday to: Sept. 15 — to Yareidy Puentes, Emily Carlson, Rhylee Morelda and Natalie Pierce; Sept. 16 – Spencer Crezee, Ashley Bramwell, JoEllen Smith, Denny Frith, Jamie Neel, Dianne Mortel and Eusebio Perez; Sept.17 – Taycen F. Tomlinson, John Van Eps, Nikki Black, Weston Miller, Jolene Olsen, Leilani Toelcke, Boston Condie and Saige Kirkpatrick; Sept. 18 – Irene Raya, Bellamy Babcock, Kellee Mickelsen, Brooklyn Deonate, Fernando Espinoza, Mamie Wood, Gary Smith, Richard Cowlishaw and Marshall Myers; Sept. 19 – Deputy Richard Lundberg, Dylan Mateo Martinez, Jencee Reardon, Ashton Gust, Christopher Melish, Scott Pfenninger, Tanner Genetti, Jake Sperl and Hallie Kleweno; Sept. 20 – Bobbi Burns Krenka, Levy Francisco Aleman, Penny Stanford, Julius Donalie, Steve Genetti, Nikki Hulet and Rayder Grover; Sept. 21 – Jeff Frith.

Wedding Anniversary Greetings to: Sept. 17 — Norman Tubb and Jeri Tavenner; Sept. 21 – Dave and Terri Lent; Marcelo and Graciela Gonzalez and Jon and Sheree Farr.

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