Clark County prom royalty announced

Eileen Holden enjoys a surprise birthday party April 1. Also pictured is Holden’s husband, Kent.

CLARK COUNTY — We’re looking for the water to flow down Beaver Creek into Dubois. Any day now it will be flowing here. There’s been an abundance of birds coming around to sit in trees that have begun budding. Potatoes, other crops and gardens are being planted. Spring has sprung!

April is National Autism Month and April 2 was world Autism awareness day. Clark County Schools celebrated that day on April 1. Autism Awareness t-shirts were worn by teachers and other employees for the day. Our school district is happy to have a wonderful Special Education director, Melinda Ricks.

Little Bobcat basketball got to finish out their season on Monday and Tuesday. Many thanks to all involved to make that after school program a success.

Royalty for the April 10th Prom at CCHS has been announced. Queen is Scottlynn Tavenner with King Tony Raya. Princess is Andrea Acosta and her Prince is Javier Trejo. Countess is Ellee Shifflett with Count Jonathan Hawker. Geraldine Guitierrez will serve as Duchess.

The DARE (Drug and Alcohol Resistance Education) program is underway with the sixth graders in Clark County Junior High. There is also a life skills class for the junior high (grades 6-8) students.

Clark County High School (grades 9-12) students have been given the opportunity to hear speakers about various careers each week. Sam Gardener spoke last week about careers in finance. Entrepreneurship was addressed by bike shop owners Dave and Emily Wilding. Upcoming speaker is Richard Larsen. He will speak about being successful and his career in agriculture.

The March 2021 edition of Student News for Clark County Schools by the Media Arts Class is now on the Clark Bobcats Facebook page.

Assistant superintendent at CCSD #161 Eileen Holden had a birthday on April 1. Some of her family and friends had a small surprise party for her that evening.

Krista and Kimball Ashcraft of Medicine Lodge are the proud parents of a daughter. Remi Rose was born at 1:30 a.m. March 4. She was an extra special gift to her dad, as that is also Kimball’s birthday.

Gregoria Ruiz was recently appointed supervisor of the crew that provides maintenance workers at the rest-stop, replacing Treva May.

Clark County Road and Bridge recently hired a new office assistant. Elise Doschades will now be working for that group in place of Amanda Baker.

On April 1, Idaho State Representative Karey Hanks of St. Anthony visited with her constituents in Dubois. She spent the afternoon talking about various issues in government.

Dubois Lions Club will meet at 6 p.m. April 22 at their hall. They are looking forward to some special speakers that evening. Members are preparing to go to their District 39 E and 39 W annual convention in Sun Valley. It takes place April 30 and May 1. Patriotism essay winners will not go as usual to present their writings, yet they will be honored at the convention.

A Spanish class is being offered in Dubois. The first class was held at the Public Library beginning on April 6. Kerri Ellis, Dubois City Clerk, is coordinating the classes with Library Director Brenda Laird. For more information, Contact Kerri at 307-690-6711.

The City of Dubois monthly meeting is at 7 p.m. tonight at the City Annex Building.

The Mud Lake Telephone Cooperative monthly meeting is set for 7 p.m. April 14. That meeting is held at their Dubois office. Call to confirm the meeting time.

Clark County School District monthly meeting will be at the high school library on April 15 at 5:30 p.m.

Happy Birthday today to Leo Williams, Kiya Tarpley Green, Joel Holy oak and Jodi Goodsell; April 8 – Jimmy Babcock M.J. Mofgdl, Avie Mortel, Paul Messick, Richard Larsen, Mistydawn Holyoak and Sierra Sill; April 9 – Eli Nelson and Jerry Nordstrom; April 10 – Dillon Babcock, Dyxie Rose Garner, Jesus Perez, Lucas Vaughan and Alex Glinski; April 11 – Shikera Charran Garzan, Kaelin Walton, Isaac Martinez, Kevin Kadel and Nathan Rogers; April 12 – Jaxton Hillman, Sheila McCormick, Sigifredo Figueroa and Carolyn Rhodes Shenton; April 13 – Leeann Billman.

Wedding anniversary greetings on April 8 to Rick and Karen King; April 9 – Alonzo and Silveria Calzadias; April 11 – Herry and Timena Schneiday; April 12 – Ethan and Tiffany Stewart; April 13 – Garland and JoEllen Smith.

Thanks again for your support and offering news items to report here. Our county is an amazing place. It is my pleasure to share the good stuff!