DUBOIS — It is now said that “hindsight is 2019” as we continue into 2020. There is plenty of white snow to see and some wind to blow it around as well now.

Residents of the Medicine Lodge area have reported they have snow, which will likely stay for months to come.

Last week in Small, Idaho, (the lower Medicine Lodge area), Laurie and Kevin Small had overnight guests. Laurie’s niece Jocey Thieman and brother-in-law Rod Thieman from Covelo, Calif. were there.

Sheree Farr of Dubois and her daughter Samantha went to Culver, Ore. this past weekend to be with family. Grandma Sheree reported she and Sam saw Declan and Millie Farr along with their parents Austin and Monica Farr. On Dec. 29, the Farr family celebrated a baby blessing in Billings, Mont. The baby, Rochelle Farr, is the daughter of Tucker and Brooke Farr.

A birthday party for Patty Christenson was held Jan. 10 at The Wild Hare Café in Dubois. It was an open house event from 5 until 7 p.m. Patty is one of the “lunch ladies” at the Clark County School District No. 161 multi-purpose room in Lindy Ross Elementary.

The Clark County community had financial donations from two of the contracting companies that did road construction work here. DJ & A Contractors, the group who worked on A2 County Road, gave to the Clark County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue fund. Then at Christmastime, Riverside Contracting from Missoula, Mont. sent a check and letter to the Dubois Community Baptist Church. Riverside Contracting President Dwayne Rehbein wrote, “During this past year we have been in and around your community doing road construction. We would like to remember your community and give back to it.”

On Jan. 6 multiple Christians worldwide celebrate the Christmas seasonal holiday known as “Epiphany” or “Twelfth Night.” Some of the Hispanic and Latino Roman Catholic people in Dubois took part. It is a time of honoring the Christ Child and the time when the magi/wise men brought gifts to him. After praying the Rosary and singing, replicas of baby Jesus are dressed in new clothes. The Dubois group had a traditional fruit bread/cake which is sometimes known as “the King cake.” It has a plastic baby baked in it. This is a representation of the Christ Child.

Gravel grinding at a quarry just south of Dubois has been going on for months. Multiple crew workers lived on site while some stayed at the Beaver Creek Inn. It was a job done by DeAtley Crushing Service from Lewiston, Idaho. Crushed gravel from the project will be used on Interstate 15 road work. Tyler Kress, the plant superintendent, said Jan. 10 the project was finished. He seemed ready to return to his home and family in Lewiston.

A laundry mat is now open for business at the Neves Landing area in Dubois. Co-owner Jerry Stuart said for now it is open when he is working on the other buildings. There are phone numbers listed on their new banner so a person in need of doing laundry can call for more information.

Dubois Lions Club members have been delivering calendars and gallons of orange juice. They are also looking forward to the District 39 E convention that will be in Idaho Falls this year. Contact Bonnie Stoddard or any other Lions Club member for more information about that convention.

The Clark County honor band took part in the District Six honor band concert Jan. 7 in Rexburg. They had rehearsals all day and then a performance that evening.

Bobcat wrestlers Bubba Summers and Manny Hernandez, the pair who are on a co-op team with West Jefferson Panthers, had an exceptional night on the mats last week. They both won their match at the Tri-school “Jefferson Cup” held at West Jefferson High School. Local wrestling coach Kirk Summers said, “Bubba actually pinned his opponent with a non-traditional move he learned in practice. At the match it worked perfectly.” He also stated that as a first-year wrestler, Manny is doing amazingly well. During Manny’s match at West Jeff, according to Summers, “He did a double dog take down from his feet, put the opponent on his back and pinned him” in a few seconds. The boys wrestle again tomorrow in Salmon and then at a two-day tourney Friday and Saturday in Wendell.

Basketball games continue at the Bobcat cage. There are junior high and varsity games this week at home. Tomorrow the Bobcats take on the Rockland Bulldogs in Dubois. Then, Friday they take on the North Gem Cowboys in Bancroft. The junior high boys play Saturday in Mackay. On Jan. 21 they play in Swan Valley. Check with the school district office for specific game times and locations.

Ivy and Elle Shifflett competed at the Pop and Drop American Qualifier in breakaway roping recently in Pocatello.

The University of Idaho Beef School will hold classes 3 p.m. Jan. 20 in Dubois at the community building. That evening will be the annual Clark County Stockgrowers Association annual membership dinner. Membership dues are $15. RSVP to Laurie Small at 208-374-5405.

WesternSprings Cowboy Church will be at the Dubois Community Center beginning at 12:30 p.m. Jan. 19.

The upcoming Valentine’s Day Clark County Rodeo Appreciation Dinner will be at 6:30 p.m. Feb. 14. It’s a free dinner with a dessert auction. Contact Jodi Milner, Blake Kirkpatrick or Kevin Small for more details.

A Search and Rescue meeting will be held at 7 tonight.

Happy Birthday today to Ramiroe Hernandez, Jr.; Jorge Deonate, Lance Barg and Megan Holyoak; Jan. 16 – Marcelo Gonzalez and Bobbie Johnson; Jan. 17 – Jana Gutierrez, Alin V. Acosta, Micaela Ewing, Ruger Petersen, Cindy Mortensen, Joyce Christenson, Brynlee Kidd and Jazile Gonzalez; Jan. 18 – Andrea Camillo, Patricia Gutierrez, Emily Bramwell, Gabe Egan, Annie S. Foster, Morgan Laird and Nicole Strong; Jan. 19 – Jim Kruse, Cordell Bovey, Emmanuel Paz, Mike Kozloff, Debbie Caudle, Jacob Mickelsen and Simon Anderson; Jan. 20 – Martin Luther King, Jr. Day – Herb King, Jeida Barron, Dennis Hooper, Steve Gilger, Omar Martinez, Pat Stewart and Patty Whitaker; Jan. 21 – Jennifer Kidd, Quincy Messick, Kaydee Maher, Alex Calzadais, Hoke Morton, Nicholas Bowen, Kaleb Krenka, Hannah Grover and Olivia Wernette.

Wedding anniversary greetings today to Rory and Bobbi Krenka; Jan. 16 – Oscar and Maria Mendoza; Jan. 21 – Elio and Elvira Ruiz.

Time to go sweep some snow! Bye for now!