CLARK COUNTY—This season here in our corner of Idaho is breathtakingly beautiful to see. Some days the full Teton Range is in view, while other days there are white blankets of clouds. There are bald eagles and other beautiful birds all around, snow drifts and plowed snow piles all over the county, and an area in the Medicine Lodge Canyon was without power for many days. Richard Nelson of Hamer, who works for Rocky Mountain Power, and others worked diligently in the cold weather to restore electric power to the homes and ranches there. Generators were used to keep water from freezing.

The 88th birthday celebration for Bonnie Jean Bond-Stoddard on Feb. 4 was a great event in Dubois. She was given the key to the city by Mayor Annette Eddins. Many family members and friends gathered on a snowy evening to celebrate Bonnie’s life of ongoing achievements. After the mayor gave a brief biography of Bonnie’s life and presented her with the special plaque that included the Dubois City Key, folks shared personal memories that included much appreciation for Bonnie. Commemorative t-shirts were worn at the party that had caricature of Bonnie on them. Proceeds from those t-shirt sales go to local 4-H programs. Bonnie has been a participant and supporter of countless groups. Her tireless enthusiasm for her unending projects, including her next book of local history, is often contagious and yet, exhausting.

Clark County Stockgrowers Association Annual Membership Dinner will be at the Dubois Community center on Feb. 18 at 6 p.m. Please RSVP to Laurie Small at 374-5405 by Feb. 15. The dinner will be prime rib and the works catered by the Dell, Montana Mercantile family.

Carolyn Shenton of lower Medicine Lodge said, “we have lots of piles of snow! It’s great for cross-country skiing.”

Clark County schools were closed on Feb. 7 due to illness and the dangerous cold weather. Parent/Teacher conferences took place, as planned, on Feb. 8. Soup dinner and desserts were provided for teachers at the elementary and high school by the local PTO that day.

District basketball tournament play has begun. The Bobcats are in the Rocky Mountain Conference along with ShoBan, Leadore, Mackay, Rockland, North Gem, WaterSprings, and Grace Lutheran. Clark County Bobcats traveled to Bancroft to take on the North Gem Cowboys on Feb. 9. Tournament games will continue tomorrow in Firth.

The junior high boys’ basketball team finished their season yesterday by playing against Swan Valley at the Bobcat Cage in Dubois.

Manuel and Vicky Hernandez of Dubois celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. There was a mass performed in their honor at St. Patrick’s Catholic Mission on Jan. 9. Dinner and dancing followed at the Veterans Memorial Building in Rexburg.

Jensen Neville, son of JC and Lynzi of Hamer, has a rare form of epileptic seizures. He has had ongoing treatments for the disorder for five years. Jensen,9, is student at Hamer Elementary School. He and his family were given a surprise from Make-A-Wish foundation. They got to go to Disneyworld in Orlando, Fla. Along with his parents, Jensen was accompanied by his three siblings for the once in a lifetime adventure.

Tarri Leonardson of Dubois, along with Tarri’s mom Dona and her brothers Kirk (Karen) and Bryan (Cindy) Grover, all enjoyed an eleven day, ten night cruise. Also on that Mediterranean Sea cruise were Tim and Kristy Thomas, Rick and Ronda Schroeder, Peri (Cheryl)Thomas, Aubrey Thomas, and Anna Rogers (daughter of the late Lynnette Thomas). The group flew from Salt Lake City to Los Angelas and then on to London. From London they flew into Barcelona, Spain. Their trip included visits to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints temple in Spain, the leaning Tower of Pisa, Vatican City in Italy, and parts of France.

Nancy Ann (Stelzer) Exler, of Medicine Lodge, passed away on Feb. 6 in Idaho Falls. Her Celebration of Life took place at the Dubois Community Baptist Church on Tuesday. She was buried at the Small, Idaho cemetery.

Richard Savage of Hamer sends a big “thank you” for all involved with the Camas Rangeland Fire Management Association. The fire protection group works in cooperation with Idaho Department of Lands, the BLM, and USFS (and a variety of other related agencies) in order to train city, county and state employees along with volunteers. Recent training sessions were very successful. There will now be more training opportunities. The Menan Central Fire District Station will host those sessions on Feb. 15, 16, 22 and 23. For more info, contact Savage at 390-2798.

Tonight is the annual election meeting of the Mud Lake Telephone Cooperative in Dubois. It is scheduled to begin at 7 p.m.

Clark County and the City of Dubois have updated their fueling station. The station serves city and county vehicles as well as school buses.

The Western Springs Cowboy Church in Clark County is scheduled to be held this Sunday in Dubois. Contact Conni Owen, Lisa Ward, or Pastor Scotty Brown for more information.

Happy Birthday today to Heidi Aguilar, KJ Spoklie, Brittney Grover Tomlinson, and Rex Mullikin; Feb. 14- (Happy St. Valentine’s Day!) – Valerie Puentes, Kerra Grover, Tucker Barg, Hannah Vaughan, and Anthony Ledezma; Feb. 15 – Russell Roedel, Mike Knight, Breanna Toelcke, Payton Shenton, and Paige Shenton; Feb. 16 – Eric Garcia, Steve Hinkley, Jan May, Ruben Martinez, RJ Kleweno, and Cody Kidd; Feb. 17- John Hagenbarth, and Neil Wood; Feb. 18 (Presidents’ Day) – Rachel Grover, Amber Sperl, Martha Anaya, Matt Murdock, Alvaro Resendiz, and Lourdes Maldonado; Feb. 19 – Kolby Kozloff, Martin Aguilar, Rhett Jacobs, Brock Egan, Peyton Paulk, and Rebecca Aguilar.

Happy Wedding Anniversary today to Justin and Jennifer Kidd; Feb. 14 – Albino and Angelica Ruiz, Jesus and Maria Figueroa, Pat and Peggy Bowen, Andres and Martha Barron; Feb. 16 – Ruben and Guadalupe Martinez, and Miguel and Hermilia Hernandez; Feb. 17- Jeff and Heidi Burns and Roger and Kay Whitmill; Feb. 19 – Scott and Laura King and Dean and Joanne Shenton.

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