GARFIELD — There was a power outage in Garfield for a while in the afternoon on Jan. 6. The Rocky Mountain Power reported that the outage was caused by a car accident. They also estimated that 300 homes were out of power.

Kate and Tom Richardson and their family have moved into Autumn Heights, the new subdivision in Garfield. They have 3 girls and a son who is on a mission for their church. They have moved here from North Ogden, Utah. Welcome to Garfield.

The Garfield 1st Ward of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter–day Saints is now doing Relief Society meetings at 1 p.m. on the second and fourth Sundays of the month. These meetings are held by zoom on the internet.

Diane and Mike Meyers, of Garfield, recently went to Texas to spend time with one of their children. They went for Christmas and have now returned.

The Garfield 1st Ward has a new young women's presidency. It is as follows: President – Julie Reese; 1st Counselor – Donya Good; 2nd Counselor – Teresa Kupkey; Secretary – Serena Andersen. Krishele Duffin was released as the past young women's president and Amber Kent was one of the counselors.

The Garfield 1st Ward is in the process of passing out the "Doctrine and Covenants 2021 Come, Follow Me – For Individuals and Families" Manual. If you have not received one and would like one, contact Jason Duffin.

Jacob Madsen, son of Erik and Debbie Madsen formerly of Garfield, married Janet Schley, daughter of Robert and Holly Schley on Dec. 29 in the Idaho Falls Temple. A celebration was held that evening at The Atrium in Rexburg. 

The Garfield Book Club met on Jan. 6. They talked about an article and movie about Mr. Rogers, who did the children's television series. The book for Jan. is "Light Between Oceans" by M.L. Stedman. The next meeting will be held at 7 p.m. on Jan. 27 at Jennifer Park's home.

Deepest sympathy goes out to the family of Sarah Hanni. Sarah's daughter Maddi Lyn Hanni passed away on Jan. 6, 2021.

453 blankets and pillows were collected by the community for The Upper Valley Child Advocacy Center. The goal had been to collect 300 items. 

Marlow and Sharon Blanchard of Garfield have a new granddaughter. Their son Derrick and his wife Paige Blanchard had a baby girl on Jan. 2. They named her Quincy Paige. This is Derrick's and Paige's third daughter. This makes 21 grandchildren for Marlow and Sharon Blanchard. Congratulations.

An online devotional was held on Jan. 10 for young adults of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter–day Saints. It was held with Elder Gerrit W. Gong, of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles, and his wife. If you would still like to see this, look on on the internet.

Spring competitive soccer registration is now open through Jan. 17. Information and registration link are on their blog. Birth years 2004 – 2012 are eligible to play. Their blog is at More information is also on "Rigby Area Youth Sports and Activities" Facebook.

"Rigby High School" Facebook has links to view online sporting events.

The 2021 – 2022 Chinese and Spanish Immersion in the Jefferson School District 251 will be accepting applications Feb. 1 through March 28. There is an internet enrollment. If they have more applicants than spots available, a selection process will be held the first part of April. At that time parents will be notified if their child has been accepted into the program or been placed on the waiting list. Call Mr. Cowley with questions at 208 745 6693 Ext. 1104 or email him at There is also more information on the school district website at

Happy Birthday to: today – Karen Morganegg

Jefferson Elementary Lunch Menu: Today – Tasty Tot Casserole, Green Beans, Whole Wheat Bun, Fruit, Milk; Jan. 14 – Hamburger, Whole Wheat Bun, Fries, Fruit, Milk; Jan. 15 – (Curbside Meal) Burrito Blaster, Salsa, Steamed Carrots, Fruit, Milk; Jan. 18 – Pulled Pork Sandwich, Whole Wheat Bun, Fries, Fruit, Milk; Jan. 19– Chef's Chicken Fried Beef, Spudzilla Mashed Potatoes, Brown Gravy, Whole Wheat Bun, Mixed Vegetables, Fruit, Milk; Jan 20 – Fajita Chicken, Steamed Broccoli, Garbanzo Beans, Fruit, Milk.

Rigby/Farnsworth Middle School Lunch Menu: Today – Quesadilla or Chicken Strip Basket, Pizza, Garbanzo Beans, fries, Fruit, Milk; Jan. 14 – Super Beef Nachos or Bacon Burger, Pizza, Salad with Broccoli, Fruit, Milk; Jan. 15 – (Curbside Meal) Burrito Blaster, Salsa, Steamed Carrots, Fruit, Milk; Jan. 18 – Crispitos, Cheese Sauce or Hot and Spicy Chicken, Pizza, Beast Mode Broccoli, Fruit, Cookie, Milk; Jan. 19 – Chef's Chicken Fried Beef, Mashed Potatoes, Brown Gravy, Whole Wheat Bun or Pizza, Carrots, Fruit, Milk; Jan. 20 – Hot Diggity Dogs or Chicken Burger or Pizza, Fries, Fruit, Milk.

Rigby High School Lunch Menu: Today – Crispitos, Cheese Sauce or Pizza, Chicken Strip Basket, Hoagie Choices, Salad with Broccoli, Raw Cucumber, Pork and Beans, Cookie, Fruit, Milk; Jan. 14 – Super Beef Nachos or Pizza, Bacon Burger with Baby Carrots, Tater Tots, Fruit, Milk; Jan. 15 – (Curbside Meal) Burrito Blaster, Salsa, Steamed Carrots, Fruit, Milk; Jan. 18 – Teriyaki Chicken, Rice or Pizza, Hot and Spicy Chicken, Hoagie Choices with Steamed Broccoli, Fruit, Cinnamon Roll, Milk; Jan. 19 – Chef's Chicken Fried Beef, Mashed Potatoes, Brown Gravy, Whole Wheat Bun or Pizza, Hoagie Choices with Steamed Carrots, Fruit, Milk; Jan. 20 – Cheese Zombie or Pizza, Corn Dog, Hoagie Choices with Green Beans, Baked Beans, Fruit, Milk.

If you have news, announcements, birthdays, anniversaries that you would like put in the Garfield News, please contact Maurette Clark at 208–709–6145.