GARFIELD — Spring Break for students in the Jefferson Joint School District #251 has been extended thru April 3.

The Primary Talent Show for the Garfield First Ward for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will be virtual. On the Ward Facebook page, post a video or photo in the comments. Then they will be collected into one place. There are some children out there that are missing their friends and some primary teachers who are missing the children in their classes. The children have their goals they are working on so here is a chance to share them. They could perform a dance, play the piano, share a picture they drew, memorize a poem, construct something from Legos, sew, bake, share their testimony, talk about or recommend a book, etc. It can be anything. Make sure to check back into the Ward Facebook page and react to the posts.

The Rigby Family History Center located in Rigby is presently closed. If you need help with your family history, please contact your Family History Consultant.

Happy Birthday to: today - Salisha Carusona and Brandy Anderson; March 27 - Heidi Hook; March 28 - Gavin Robertson; March 29 - Rachael Baldwin; March 30 - Jaxon Brown, Cindy Burton and Rose Ann Stout.

If you have news or announcements to include in the Garfield News, please contact Maurette Clark at 208-745-8218 (home) or 208-709-6145 (cell).