The Rigby Study Club members met April 3 at the home of Hostess Barbara Coleman. She was also the chairman for the meeting. President Debbie Finn welcomed members and conducted the meeting. She thanked all of the committees for their hard work as the year winds down for the coming summer. Honorary membership was granted for Nola Jensen. JoAn Wood led the Rogation. Secretary Kaye Field read the minutes of the February meeting. The March meeting was canceled due to illness.

The theme of the year has been, “The more you praise and celebrate your life-the more there is in life to celebrate.” The theme of the night was, “Celebrate Health/Fitness for all Ages.”

Barbara Coleman introduced the guest speaker Natalie Groom. Groom is the owner of the Hustle Hut, in Rigby. She has been a certified personal trainer for eight years as well as being certified in Body Mechanics and Rehab, Kickboxing, and Pilates among others.

She explained that her focus is functional fitness based, and she loves to help others recovering from injuries and surgery after they have had their therapy, training athletes for better performance, and helping with weight loss and health goals. She is reference based only and offers classes.

Her focus of the night was nutrition based and stressed the reasons for staying healthy at every age. She gave examples of a good diet and strategies for maintaining even blood sugar levels. A question and answer session was held and lots of good information was shared.

Next month’s meeting will be the closing social for the year.

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