ROBERTS — Every month at Roberts Elementary, a student of the month is named for each class, as well as a staff member of the month. This time two staff members were celebrated, Candace Taylor, the art teacher, and Michael Hardman, the Spanish immersion second and third grade teacher. Roberts Principal Matt Hancock had this to say about Taylor: “Candace Taylor is such an amazing art teacher. The beautiful mural in our cafeteria is a result of her hard work and time. She inspires our students to be creative and express their artistic abilities in such a positive way. Mrs. Taylor is so patient and kind as she encourages each student to develop their individual artistic skills.” Of Michael Hardman, Principal Hancock said: “Michael is always looking out for students and trying to help them be successful. In his class I see that he is well prepared, has resources for the class, individual students and others that are supporting him. He often interacts with the students giving them extra time and effort. This may be in a foot race on the playground, saying ‘hi’ outside or fixing a bike after school. Michael is also very committed to improving his teaching and is part of a group of teachers focusing on improving math instruction in our district.”

On Jan. 8, the power went out in Roberts due to a downed electrical pole. The students were startled when all the light went off. However, the teachers kept order and classes stayed in session for about an hour until it was determined the power would not coming back on until later. Buses took the students home, some parents picked up their children and teachers volunteered to walk a few children home that lived close by.

Happy birthday to the following: Jan. 15 – Theresa Mitchell; Jan. 16 – Jonathon Quigley, Mark Kent, Amber Tafoya and Sydnee Paige Bell; Jan. 17 – Mason t. Sharp, Kenedie Balster and Darlin Rose Armstrong; Jan. 18 – Linda Hyndman; Jan. 19 – Kaycia Osterhout and Cynthia Leon; Jan. 21 – Odin Drak Padigimus, Katy Taylor, Joe Cohea, Justin Hyndman and Sue Schuetz.

Happy anniversary to Dave and Angie Robison.

Roberts Elementary School lunch is as follows: Jan. 15 – Scrumptious sloppy joe, x-ray vision carrots; Jan. 16 – Award winning chili, saltine crackers, cinnamon rolls; Jan. 17 – Cheese zombie, farm fresh tomato soup, groovy green beans; Jan. 21 – Game day pizza, salad with broccoli, fruit snacks. Milk and fruit is served with every meal. Parents and siblings are always invited to join, please call the school in the morning to allow the cafeteria notice to plan for extra meals.

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