Shenton of Dubois marries Schreiber

Neil and Erin Wood of Dubois and Terreton purchased a pig and a steer at the Clark County 4-H market sale.

CLARK COUNTY — Labor Day weekend has come and gone. There were many campers who stayed in Clark County for that holiday weekend. Most of them were gone before the windstorm blew in Monday evening. Some trees were damaged in Dubois. We are thankful that our area did not suffer power loss. There has been smoke from fires in surrounding states. We have not encountered any serious fire threats this summer. The air outside cleared a lot after the windstorm last week

A large group of Hot Shot Firefighters from Wyoming stopped at the local store recently. They were headed to Oregon. They were not certain where they would be fighting fires. Once they arrived at their destination in Oregon, they were to be deployed from there.

Patty Christenson of Dubois took a road trip for Labor Day weekend. She went to Circle, Montana where she got to be part of the Christian dedication of her grandchild.

Ace Hensley of Dubois hosted his son Cody and daughter Shayla from Crescent City, California for a week. Shayla’s husband Chris and their son were also in Dubois for the visit. The family had many fun outings to beautiful places in this corner of Idaho. They got to spend time together in Yellowstone Park.

Paige Shenton, daughter of Greg and Lisa Shenton of Dubois, married Logan Schreiber Sept. 5. The couple lives in Pocatello where they attend Idaho State University. He is in the Occupational Therapy program and she is in the radiographic technician program. Their wedding and reception were held in Idaho Falls at the North 15th ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Tresten Eddins of Dubois married Bailey Shupe of Hamer Aug. 27. The wedding was at the Idaho Falls LDS temple. The reception was held at her parent’s home in their backyard. Grandmother of the groom, Dubois Mayor Annette Eddins, said of her grandson’s bride, “She is awesome!” She is going to school to be a teacher. Tresten works in Rigby and the couple lives in Hamer.

There is a new face on the City of Dubois maintenance crew. Kolbe Korrell is now working for city. He recently married Yessica Ruiz. The newlyweds are living in Dubois.

Cade and Kelly May of Boise stayed with Cade’s mom Treva May in Spencer for the Labor Day weekend. Other family members joined them Sept. 5 for a picnic on Beaver Creek in Spencer.

Former Clark County residents and most recently of Hamer, Joe and Alice Worthen, have moved to Blackfoot. Alice said that she misses her friends and neighbors in the area.

Tess Greenup of Pocatello and her daughter Chelan Dwight of Idaho Falls drove to Dubois on Thursday. They helped Valeri Steigerwald and Danette Frederiksen in the consignment shop that will open in Dubois in October. Then they visited and had a light dinner at Danette’s house. The ladies also took a drive to Medicine Lodge to see the bison ranch and beautiful scenery there.

Karen McGarry of Hamer and Brenda Laird of Dubois worked together to can produce.

The United States Sheep Experiment Station annual ram sale was held online this year in August.

Clark County Bobcat Volleyball is in full swing. Varsity Coach Michelle Ames said that the games last weekend were cancelled due to the recent pandemic. She said there was to be a game in Lima Sept. 15. The next home games are Sept. 21 and 24. Senior night will be Sept. 24. Senior volleyball players are Carolyna Artaga, Jacqueline Ruiz, and Ivy Shifflett. About the upcoming games, Coach Ames said, “I’m excited because we’ve worked very hard. Now I am looking forward to seeing the results.”

Homecoming week is coming up for Clark County High School. It will take place Sept. 21- 26. The student council members have planned the following activities: Monday – Flag Football at 6:00 p.m.; Tuesday – Powder Puff Football at 6:00 p.m.; Wednesday – Beef Cake Volleyball at 6:00 p.m. followed by a tailgate party (in lieu of a bonfire) at 8:00 p.m.; Thursday – Homecoming Volleyball game (with Senior Night); Friday – Parade in Dubois at 1:00 p.m.; Saturday – volleyball at 12:00 p.m. and the Homecoming Dance at 8:00 p.m. The Bobcats invite you to take part in the upcoming events. Come out and support our local students.

Clark County School District Interim Superintendent Dr. Blair Wilding said that everything is going great this school year. He is working with assistant Eileen Holden to keep the two schools running smoothly.

Sunday services have resumed at the Dubois Community Baptist Church. It is now the school year schedule with Sunday School classes at 10:00 a.m. followed by the worship service at 11:00 a.m. Please call Pastor Warren Cuppy for more information.

Brenda Laird, director of the Clark County Public Library, said that the featured book is “Back to School for Rotten Ralph.” It is a fun book by Jack Ganton and Nicole Rubel. Stop in soon and see the wonderful books and other available items at our library.

Happy Birthday to: today – Spencer Crezee, Ashley Bramwell, JoEllen Smith, Denny Frith, Jamie Neel, Dianne Mortel, and Eusebio Perez; Sept. 17 – Taycen F. Tomlinson, Jan VanEps, Saige Kirkpatrick, Jolene Olsen, Nikki Black, Weston Miller, Leilani Toelcke, and Boston Condie; Sept. 18 – Brooklyn Deonate, Fernando Espinoza, Mamie Wood, Gary Smith, Richard Cowlishaw, Marshall Myers, and Irene Raya; Sept. 19 – Dylan M. Martinez, Jencee Reardon, Ashton Gust, Christopher Melish, Scott Pfenninger, Richard Lundberg, Tanner Genetti, Jake Sperl, and Hallie Kleweno; Sept. 20 – Levy Francisco Aleman, Bobbi Kenka, Penny Stanford, Julius Donalie, Steve Genetti, Nikki Hulet, and Rayder Grover; Sept. 21 – Jeff Frith; Sept. 22 – Tammy Stoddard, Dennis Frith, Burke Hillman, Patricia Maldonado, and Dwight Hinckley.

Wedding Anniversary greetings to: Sept. 17 – Tub and Jeri Tavenner; Sept. 21 – Marcelo and Graciela Gonzalez; Jon and Sheree Farr; Sept. 22 – Colton and Amanda Mickelsen.

Hope to see you at some Homecoming activities! Until then, please let me know of any news you’d like to share here.