Danielle Bogard is a Resource Room teacher for kindergarten through fifth grade at Jefferson Elementary. Bogard has been teaching at Jefferson Elementary for two years, but has been teaching for fourteen.

What made you decide to be a teacher? My second- grade teacher, Mrs. Ethel Glarborg was a major influence on my decision to become a teacher. She lived down the road from my grandmother in Aberdeen, Idaho. She was always so kind and such a great teacher. She always had time to work with and help her students. When I was in high-school I was her cross- age tutor. Along with that my dad and mom both encouraged to pursue a career as a teacher.

What do you enjoy about being a teacher? I love the ability to connect with and teach special needs students. When students meet their goals or make progress towards their goals it’s especially exciting because I know how hard they work to make that progress. I love that I am impacting, and inspiring children to learn and grow.

What are some challenges? One thing that I find challenging is connecting with students that demonstrate significant behaviors. Behaviors are a form of communication. Sometimes it’s hard for me to understand what that child is trying to communicate through their behaviors.

What has been your favorite professional development class or college class have you taken? My favorite college course Religion when my husband and I lived in Hawaii. It was taught by a Catholic Nun who had converted from Buddhism. I liked going on the field trips and learning about various world religions.

What has been the most rewarding experience you have had teaching? That’s difficult. There are so many. The most rewarding experiences are when a student exits Special Education.

What are some things that are different in the education system now compared to when you first started teaching/when you were a student? I like that there are much more positive behavior supports put into place to help students. When I was a student, you didn’t see a whole lot of that.

What is something interesting about you most of your students don’t know? I didn’t plan on being a teacher. When I was your age I wanted to be a jockey or a pony express rider.

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