Teacher of the Week: Hollie Bailey


Holli Bailey is a First Grade teacher at Midway Elementary School. She has been teaching for seven years, but this is her fourth year at Midway.

What made you decide to be a teacher? Being a parent volunteer in the classroom helped me decide that I really wanted to be a teacher. I loved helping the students in my daughter’s classroom and decided that this was the path for me.

What do you enjoy about being a teacher? I love watching my students go from knowing letter names and sounds to being confident readers in the spring. And 1st graders tell hilarious stories!!

What are some challenges? I believe the hardest challenge is helping students who struggle to believe in themselves. Once a child believes they can succeed, they will.

What is an experience you have had as a teacher that stands out to you? I have had a few that have changed my life for the good. There isn’t enough space to go into all of the details, but both experiences included meeting needs that were not just academic but going beyond that to hopefully shape someone’s life for the better.

Why did you decide to teach at the school you are currently at? We moved up to this area 4 years ago and Midway had a spot for me. I am sure glad they did. I love this school!

What is something interesting about you most of your students don’t know? This is a hard one! My students know that I am a grandma, love to read and am a Dr. Pepper addict. I guess they might not know that I am NOT a morning person!! My ideal school day would start around 10 a.m.

What are some things that are different in the education system now compared to when you first started teaching/when you were a student?

Technology! I didn’t take my first computer class until I was in Jr High…..yes I am old!

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