Teacher of the week Panther

Karissa Peters is a second grade teacher at Terreton Elementary School. She has taught for two years, and this will be her second year teaching at Terreton Elementary.

What made you decide to be a teacher? My mom is a kindergarten teacher so I grew up in a classroom. I have always known that I wanted to work with kids and teaching is a perfect fit!

What do you enjoy about being a teacher? Watching kids grow and progress! They have such great personalities and are fun to be with. I learn so much more from them than they probably do from me!

What are some challenges? Meeting each child where they are at and meeting such a variety of needs.

What is an experience you have had as a teacher that stands out to you? I have learned very quickly the power and positive influence my students have! They can always make me smile and happy no matter my mood before work.

Why did you decide to teach at the school you are currently at? My dad is over the technology for the district and often talks about what an amazing and tight knit community it is out here. After meeting the friendly staff, I couldn’t say no.

What is something interesting about you most of your students don’t know? That I enjoy riding horses and being outdoors.

What are some things that are different in the education system now compared to when you first started teaching/when you were a student? The curriculum is a lot more rigorous as well as they are learning concepts at a younger age.