Visitors attend baby showers in Clark County

Bobcat Volleyball Senior Night honored Joni Grover and Gaby Hernandez ...l to r: Jill Grover, Joni Grover, Randy Grover, Vicky Hernandez, Gaby Hernandez, and Manuel Hernandez.

CLARK COUNTY — Multiple people enjoyed Homecoming Week Dubois. From dressing ‘90s style to Hawaiian and then cowboy, to the white-out on Homecoming day, students and school staff all enjoyed the celebration. On Oct. 18, the weather cooperated for a nice parade down Main Street. Local folks, friends and family from out of town gathered to watch the parade and have candy was tossed from the floats to them. Each of the junior and senior high classes had a float. There was an alumni float by the Clark County High School classes of 1980 and 1982. Bringing up the end of the parade was the Clark County ambulance. After the parade, people got ready to watch the WarCats take on the Sho-Ban Chiefs. It was a busy day in Dubois.

Clark County Bobcat Volleyball Senior Night took place Oct. 14. The two senior girls were honored along with their parents. Gaby Hernandez and Joni Grover have been in school together for multiple years. They have played basketball and volleyball together for a number of those years. Their parents are Manuel and Vicky Hernandez and Randy and Jill Grover. The regular season for volleyball has ended and the girls are now in district tournament.

Bobcat football players put on volleyball uniforms and played “beefcake volleyball” Oct. 16. They played after the junior varsity volleyball team defeated the Lima Bears. Girls from the volleyball team coached the boys. They played four games and kept the crowd very entertained. After the Homecoming game, there will be one more football game. It is Oct. 25 at Rockland.

Members of the freshman and senior classes from Clark County High School took part in a career fair at Rigby High School Oct. 16. Teachers Jill Grover and Julie Zich took the students to the event. At one time, Clark County teachers met a school counselor from RHS. The counselor told them about the career fair and the CCHS teachers asked to be a part of it. Zich said the participants got to choose five of 50 careers. They went to a half hour class about that career. She said students were able “to learn from actual professionals in each field.” The students who attended the college fair were Seth Clark, Aldo Acosta, Bubba Summers, Brian Murdock, Joni Grover, Gaby Hernandez, Byron Sanchez, Rebecca Aguilar, Jada Baron, Ivan Perez, Emma Rangel, Emmalee Stewart, Gabe Smith, Priscylla Perez, Landon Gardner and William Henman. While the seniors and freshmen were in Rigby, the sophomores and juniors were at CCHS taking the PSAT tests.

LaNae White of Dubois has two new great-granddaughters. Blake and Eva White-Peterson are the grandparents. Their oldest and middle daughters each had a baby girl. One lives in Edmonds, Okla. and the other one lives in New Brunsfield, Texas. Eva and Blake visited all of their children and grandchildren in Texas this week.

Baby showers for two CCHS graduates were held in Dubois recently. Amber (Christenson) Wright and Josie (Grover) Harris each had their own celebration.

Kevin Small of Medicine Lodge went on a trip with friends to a bronc riding event in South Dakota. One of his former bronc riding friends was a judge there. Terry Carlon from Oregon and Mitch Hutchinson from Texas both stayed a night with Kevin and Laurie Small at their home.

Patty Christenson of Dubois hosted family members last weekend. They came to attend her daughter Amber’s baby shower. Included in the guests were Amber’s aunt Vickie Christenson, her daughters Kristy Harper and Linda Little and two daughters, all from Washington. High school classmates of Amber, Karlie Rae Sudweeks, Acacia Probert and Morgan Laird were there. Brittney Christenson, cousin of the mother-to-be, was also in attendance.

Visiting in Dubois just after the blizzard were Ron and Marilyn Gardner. They are from St. Ignatius, Mont. Danette Frederiksen got to have dinner with them at the Spencer Grill and then lunch the next day at the Wild Hare Café. Ron travels around the west buying hay.

Danette Frederiksen had many visitors the past week. Longtime friend and former co-worker Robin (McLeland) Derscheid and her husband Jesse from Grand Marais, Michigan stayed two nights. They got caught up after 25 years. Danette drove the couple to the U.S. Sheep Experiment Station one day. The next day they drove to Kilgore to see the Nez Perce battlefield. Valeri (Frederiksen) Steigerwald of Medical Lake, Washington arrived Oct. 17. Valeri drove to Dubois to take part in the CCHS Homecoming events. She also attended a baby shower in Salmon and visited her other sister Allene who lives in Salmon.

Brenda Laird, director of the Clark County Public Library, reported the library has recently purchased 14 non-fiction “Step into Reading” books. A series of children’s books, they are for parents who are working with their children learning to read. They will find these books informative, yet easy to read. The library has a whole range of books and they are happy to help provide easy-to-read materials for young readers. Laird said, “reading should be fun!”

Rocktober, the Clark County school music department’s Halloween concert, is set for 1 p.m. Oct. 31 at Lindy Ross Elementary.

Happy Birthday today to Kieya Finck and Gwen Laird; Oct. 24 – Layten Smith, Nemecio Lopez, Chrystin Galentine, Phil Frederiksen and Josh Ewing; Oct. 25 – Hermelinda Apodaca. Mike Holden, Dave Crezee and Chelsi Binggeli; Oct. 26 – Kolton Roedel, Hilda Korrell, Shirley King, Billie Stoddard and Brandom Medel; Oct. 27 – Greg Egan, Skyler Dyer, Andrea Acosta and Paula Wilson; Oct. 28 – Autumn Ruth Kidd, Ana Rodriquez and Charlee Eddins; Oct. 29 – Wendy Sperl and Noah Machen.

Wedding Anniversary greetings today to Eusebio and Pauline Perez, and Noe and Erica Perez; Oct. 26 – Kyle and Bryn Thompson; Oct. 27 – Matt and Laura Zweifel; Ron and Connie Barg; Oct. 29 – Mason and Lindsey O’Brien.

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