West Jefferson DYW winners announced

The fifteen participants of the 2020 West Jefferson Distinguished Young Women Program. Pictured are: Jessie Bean, Evelyn Cervantes, Shaylee Anhder, Lori Wagoner, Saige Moss, Monika Gomez, Katelyn Bitter, Addie Petersen, Madeline Newman, Ambriee Rick’s, Kassy Shively, J’Mae Torgerson, Emily Parker, Michelle Saldana and Melanie Figueroa.

Katelyn Bitter is the 2020 West Jefferson Distinguished Young Women. She received a $1,500 scholarship, medallion and will represent West Jefferson at the state contest. Addie Petersen was the First Runner up. She received a $1,000 scholarship. Shaylee Anhder was Second Runner up and received a $1,000 scholarship. Madeline Newman was the third Runner up, Saige Moss was Fourth Runner up and Lori Wagoner was Fifth Runner up. Each of those girls received a $1,000 scholarship.

The Spirit of Distinguished Young Women award, of $500, was awarded to Emily Parker. The Interview awards of $400 each were given to Addie Petersen, Katelyn Bitter and Shaylee Anhder. The talent awards of $400 each were given to Lori Wagoner, Addie Petersen and Madelyn Newman. The Scholastic awards of $400 each were given to Saige Moss, J’Mae Torgerson and Emily Parker. The Self-Expression awards of $400 each were given to Katelyn Bitter, Shaylee Anhder and Addie Petersen. The Physical Fitness awards of $400 each were given to Jessie Bean, Katelyn Bitter and Addie Petersen. The “Be Your Best Self” awards of $300 were given to all the participants.

Amanda Erickson was the Master of Ceremonies with Rachel Moss, 2019 Distinguished Young Woman as the hostess. The theme was “Like a Girl.” The participants did an opening number, their physical fitness routine, talent presentations and self-expression routines.

Other entertainment included the following: Nicole Fisher, Abi Williams, Little DYW, Jalette Peterson, the “Forget-Me-Nots” from last year’s program, DJ and the Hamer Honeys, and Stasia Acrobats.

Scholarship awards and donations totaled $18,000.

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