MUD LAKE — There will be no school Sept. 17, it is Teacher Professional Day.

West Jefferson High School students spent this morning doing service projects. They did a road-side clean up on the highway, repainted panther paw prints on the driveway to the competition gym, cut and removed sod by the fields, and cleaned out flower beds. They had a barbecue for lunch.

Cameron Roth was elected president of the Idaho State University Business Professionals of America collegiate chapter. Cameron is in the Pre-Health program with an emphasis in Emergency Medicine. It is his second year being part of ISU chapter, but participated all four years in the West Jefferson High School Business Professionals club.

West Jefferson High School Football team will have a game Sept. 17 at Malad at 7 p.m.

The West Jefferson High School volleyball team will have a match Sept. 16 at home against Ririe. They will have a match Sept. 18 at Butte high school.

The West Jefferson High school cross country team will have a meet Sept. 16 in Harriman.

The West Jefferson School Lunch menu includes the following: Sep 15 — Chicken burger, lettuce and tomato, tater tots, tropical fruit salad, and milk; Sept 16 — Sub sandwiches, baked Lays, fresh fruit, fruit snack, and milk; Sep 17 — No school today; Sep 20 — Crispitos, corn on the cob, peaches, pudding, salsa, and milk; Sept 21 — New Rib-b-que, taters and gravy, green beans, pears, breadstick, and milk; Sept. 22 Yummy Nachos, refried beans, fresh veggies, fresh fruit combo, and milk.

Happy birthday to: Sept. 15 — Daren Bitter, Alexia Ashcraft, and Bryce Swagger; Sept. 16 — Barbara Pancheri, Bryan Holdaway, and Emily Belnap; Sept. 17 — Brenda Summers, Saige Kirkpatrick, Tiara Pancheri, and Ashlie Rigby; Sept. 18 — Bellamy Babcock; Sept. 19 — Jenice Rainsdon, Kaylene Young, and John Spencer; Sept. 20 — Konner Simmons, Shyla Sauer, Tauna Stoneberg, Kevin Caudle, Marie Case, Raquel Torgerson, and Nikki Zufelt; Sept. 21 — Kambri Simmons, Bruce Shively, and Michelle Spencer; Sept. 22 — Clint Olsen, Kendon Barzee, Burke Hillman, Hailey Moss, McKenzie Sermon Rose, Karen Van Wagner, Alexander Shupe, and Julie Holdaway.

Wedding anniversaries this week: Sept. 15John and Teresa Allen; Sept. 19 — Kurt and Kaylene Young; Sept. 21 — Braxton and Jorie Rameriz.

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