Wintry conditions bring business to Dubois

Snow fell 3 to 4 inches thick in Dubois last week. The snow fall led to the closure of Interstate 15 between the Montana border and Dubois.

CLARK COUNTY — “Look what the wind blew in!” That is the current phrase going around Dubois after the big blizzard Oct. 9. Lots of snow blew in and accumulated in many areas of Clark County. The wind and icy driving conditions were attributing factors to many motor vehicle accidents on roadways around here. Interstate 15 northbound was closed the morning of Oct. 9 until midnight Oct. 10. Travelers heading north stopped south of Dubois, parked on the interstate or waited in Dubois until the freeway opened again.

The wind and snow blew in many customers to the Beaver Creek Inn, Hernandez Hotel and The Wild Hare Café. There were no vacancies at the two inns in town. The rest area was overflowing with cars and trucks awaiting the re-opening of I-15. A man named Rick was moving from Southern California to Polson, Mont. His wife had driven on to Polson ahead of him. He had a small moving truck they bought. When he got to Dubois and found I-15 northbound closed, he stopped for a meal Oct. 9. His truck then died there after all the cold weather. He was “stranded” in Dubois until his brother-in-law, who was helping with the move to Montana, picked him up in Dubois Oct. 10 and they drove to Polson. On Oct. 11 they returned to Dubois where they had a mechanic from Idaho Falls fix the truck.

Dubois residents Tyson and Lana Barg-Schwartz had a huge willow tree in front of their house. It was on top of Lana’s van the morning of Oct. 9 after the snowstorm. She said, “there in my front door and on my porch and all over my car” was the weeping willow tree. Helpful community members assisted with the tree removal. Orvin Jorgensen, Quinn Jacobson, Brett Murdock, two US Forest Service men and an employee from Richard Larsen’s hay processing plant all helped move that tree. Ironically, Lana said it’s not the first time a tree has fallen on her car. In 2016, when she was working in Lewiston, Idaho, she was driving along when a tree fell on her car. She was not injured, but her car was totaled. This time, her van has only a little ding on it and it still runs fine.

Driving around Dubois after the recent storm, one can see other tree limbs that broke from the weight of snow and the wild wind. The City of Dubois has been working to clear some tree branches around town which block the view of drivers at stop signs. Some city residents have received letters about pruning their trees. People are encouraged to call the city office if they have questions about their tree trimming needs.

Replacement and repairs on the Union Pacific Railroad crossing in Dubois that goes onto County A2 Road are nearly finished. Mayor Annette Eddins said Ace Hensley, Dubois city maintenance director, has worked steadily along with Clark County road crew workers and those with UPRR on the big project. She said, “We are waiting on the paving crew now. The weather may have put us back” on completing the crossing.

Bonnie Stoddard drove to Mackay after the big snowstorm. She went there Oct. 10 to meet with other District Six members of the Idaho Heritage Trust. They reviewed grant applications for several historical projects.

Judith Maldonado and Angie Calzadias, Clark County clerk and deputy clerk, went to Rigby Oct. 10 for training with the other judicial administrators. They learned about mandatory forms along with other upgrades in the Odyssey system.

On Oct. 11 there was a crocheting class sponsored by the Bobcats after the Bell 21st Century grant. Many of the students who signed up for the morning class rode school-owned bicycles to a local Café. 21st Century grant director BJ Adams, who also works for the school district as the activities and athletic director, planned the class in cooperation with Laurie Small, the 4-H extension agent. Tamara Horne, owner of the café, with the assistance of Laurie Small, taught the students to crochet. This school year, the Bobcats after the Bell staff include Director BJ Adams, Junior High Coordinator Michael Ashby, Elementary Coordinator Rosa Gomez and Sports Coordinator Michelle Ames.

Happy Birthday today to Melissa Kellom, Jesus Gilberto Perez, Maria Raya, Vicky Maldonado, Dusty Shifflett, Angie Rogers and Marisol Puerte; Oct. 17 – Ryder E. Bramwell, Lesley Cardenas, Halle Romine, Heath Wagoner, Cherokee Paulk, Vicki Mortensen and Mario Marquez; Oct. 18 – Hannah Langston, David Berg, Kaleigh Squires, William Henman, Jenifer Nordstrom, Deanna Murdock and Mike Pfenninger; Oct. 19 – Steve Genetti, L. E. Jeppson, Damien Lange, Josey Grover Harris, Nicholas Rogers, Justin Bramwell, Kaysha Sperl and Rosa L. Lopez; Oct. 20 – Betty Boop Kirkpatrick, Rigo Raya, Logan Peacock, Brent Glover and Shanna Glover; Oct. 21 – Chandler Leonardson, Dallin Cameron, Luke Williams, Brad Eddins and Jennifer Dernoll; Oct. 22 – Gideon Wilding, Boone Wood, Yessica Ruiz and Tim Thomas.

Wedding Anniversary greetings today to Ramiro and Maria Hernandez; Oct. 17 – Weston and Tamara Horne; Justin and Emily Bramwell; Scott and Jodi Goodsell; Oct. 19 – Lyle and Mistydawn Holyoak.

Goooooo Bobcats!