At a previously held Lewisville City Council meeting on Sept. 8, the council unanimously decided to update their animal ordinance.

Ordinance 2021-4, the amendment to Lewisville City Code Title 8 Chapter 5 Subsection 8, was approved by the council, in accordance with Idaho Code §50-902.

The council has had numerous work meetings on the amended ordinance since the beginning of Aug. to better fine-tune the wording and number of animals per acre.

Mayor George Judd first opened the hearing to the public. There were three who were for changing the ordinance, three neutral, and no comments against.

Gayle Anderson, Linda Wolcott and Waco Taylor, all residents of Lewisville, stated they felt the ordinance was good, and appreciated the work the council put into the amendment to the code.

Sharon Casper and Donetta Fife, also residents of Lewisville, stated they were concerned that the distance between the large animal housing and the property line was too close to protect residents if the owner of the animals wasn’t considerate of their neighbors.

Casper also stated she had no problem with animals, but was concerned about the number of animals in a small space.

Robert Evans questioned whether ¼ acre wouldn’t be sufficient for large animals.

Judd then closed the public hearing.

The council stated they felt that in most instances, the ten foot distance was appropriate. The council agreed half an acre of dedicated ground was a good standard for large domestic animals.

“The council decided to go ahead and pass it as written,” said Judd in a later statement. “The council was fairly positive and in favor of it. There didn’t appear to be anyone majorly against it.”

The council unanimously approved the amendment to their city code.

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