Jerome Bowen was awarded the bid for the Annis Sewer Line project Nov. 5 by the Rigby City Council with a contract cost at $448,553.42.

Mayor Jason Richardson stated in the city council meeting that Rigby has worked with Bowen in the past and that he’s done good work.

The city received bids from Star Corporations, Steadman Construction, Sunroc Corporation, Edstrom Construction and Jerome Bowen Construction with bids ranging from $539,000 to $548,000, according to Dave Swager with the city of Rigby.

Work on the project is dependant on starting when the company will be able to have the pipe delivered, but once the project begins, Bowen will have 45 days to complete the project.

“We want the project done while it’s cold because of how much groundwater we have,” said Public Works director Mitch Bradley. “We have a lot of it and it gets expensive fast.”

According to Bradley, the cost of the project will be covered by connection fees and other sewer revenues. The city council did bring up an LID, or Local Improvement District cost, which according to Swager would be for the areas of 4th North and Tall Ave. for upgrades to the sewer lines, rerouting and possibly putting in curb and gutter in areas of 4th North and all of Tall Avenue.

Swager stated that all the lines on 4th North currently go to the west and the goal would be to reroute those to go east. Lines east of State Street will possibly rerouted to flow through the Annis Highway line.

Swager also stated that on 4th North, there’s issues with the water and lines due to the low elevation.