Connect Engineering Vice President Blake Jolley represented BUKU Properties LLC in requesting a rezoning of their property, located at 400 N and 3950 E Annis Highway, during the Rigby Planning and Zoning meeting on July 8. The request was for a zone change to include R-2 and R-3 homes.

Jolley has presented this plan to the board before, however, there was no outline of where the homes would go, and the board asked for a more detailed outline before they would consider moving forward with rezoning.

Jolley referred to the outline as a “quick chicken scratch,” and it is more of an idea of what can be on the property than a concrete plan.

“Obviously, to develop a plan, we need to know what potentially we can do according to the zone,” Jolley said.

According to Jolley, one thing that he and Planning and Zoning Director Ione Hansen discussed when she arrived at the meeting was the road on the west side cannot count as a buffer from R-3 to R-1. This was discovered right before the meeting had started.

“In order for the layout to work, those first three homes on that west side, those townhomes that are on the west side, those would have to be an R-2 to have that buffer with the road,” said Jolley.

Jolley then stated one of the other things he wanted to bring up, because Rigby Public Works Director Mitch Bradley was there, was the discussion about 400 N and Annis Highway and the ability for traffic to handle a zone of this type on those roads.

According to Jolley, what he normally sees is a zoning designation will take place Then, when the development plan is finalized, there’s additional requirements needed to handle future developments added to the plan. Because Annis Highway and 400 N are both county, they would have to negotiate with the county over what needs to be done to accommodate the added traffic.

Bradley stated Jefferson County Public Works Director Dave Walrath did receive a grant for widening and straightening Annis Highway, but there won’t be a curb or gutter added at this time.

“With the property on the east side of Annis being annexed, and then if this subdivision is annexed, then 400 is going to become a city road,” said Bradley. “The county is not going to keep maintaining it with city on both sides.”

Jolley then stated the city would get to say the development needs additional right-of-ways, which would become part of the development plan that they ask to be granted X amount of feet to be able to handle potential widening of Annis Highway.

Commissioner Rex Sutherland stated 400 N becoming a city road is pretty obvious. His question was whether it was going to be placed on the city, or on the developers, to update the road.

“That is extremely hard to answer,” said Bradley. “There are always stipulations that we can put in, but we can’t until the county comes to us and tells us to take the road over. Trying to get something in the development agreement, I don’t know if that would be legal, I wish [City Attorney] Robin Dunn were here.”

Hansen stated it wouldn’t be legal because it’s not the city’s road.

Commissioner Kevin Cowley stated the council always reacts.

“It doesn’t make a lot of sense to me that you have to zone first, that way the extra density is planned,” Cowley said. “We are just trusting that the road will be in the agreement. I feel like that is backwards. We’re not planning ahead of time to accommodate that. My concern is that we are jampacking this area full of vehicles before we can make it work.”

The commissioners were divided about approving the rezone of the property. Stohl and Sutherland voted yes, Cowley voted no.

Cowley stated the reason he voted no is because he thinks the problem is changing from lower density to higher density.

“I know the comprehensive plan isn’t set in stone, so I think the comprehensive plan needs to be more set,” said Cowley. “I want someone to come in and ask for something that has been planned for.”

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