The Central Fire District regular Commissioners Meeting took place Sept. 10 where they reviewed the budget and discussed current projects.

The commissioners first reviewed their budget, where it was stated that they are well under on the current budget as the expenditures are lower than expected. With the status of the budget, the district is in a position to move $200,000 to the capital savings account.

Commissioner Jim Duel reviewed expenditures to approve and the commissioners unanimously approved the use of $45,824.51 to cover spending.

The commissioners then discussed the new engine for the Ririe station, which was voted on in August to approve the purchase. Fire Chief Carl Anderson told the commissioners he had the contract and that they needed to send half of the price of the engine with the contract to move forward with the purchase.

The cost of the new engine, which is being custom built, will cost a total of $392,169 and will take between 11 and 14 months for completion and delivery. The According to Anderson, the new engine was a budgeted expense for the 2020 Fiscal Year.

The Ririe Station also had open applications for the position of Station Two Captain, which were accepted through the end of the day Sept. 11.

According to Anderson, former Captain Mike Johnson stepped down from the position but will continue to act as a firefighter EMT. They received one application for the position, and Nick Terry will be the new Ririe Station Two Captain.

Terry, according to Anderson, works at the Idaho National Laboratory site as a firefighter and his Captain position with Ririe Station Two became effective Sept. 16.

“Nick is a very, very qualified person to take over this position,” Anderson said. “We’re excited to have him.”