The Central Fire District commissioner meeting took place June 11 with Commissioners Jim Deuel, Mike Miller, Gordon Ball, Dallin Gables and Roger Anderson in attendance.

According to the minutes, Melanie Sullivan stated the District was “well below” where they expected to be budget wise for the year as no large capital purchases have been made.

While the Ririe Central Fire Department is receiving a new rescue truck for the EMS Quick Response Unit, it is a budgeted expense. According to Assistant Fire Chief Nic White, these vehicles are replaced every ten to 15 years and the new vehicle should be arriving any day.

The old vehicle will either be recycled down, auctioned, or if it’s still in working condition, be turned around and used for wildland operations.

“We have a schedule that depending on the use of the vehicle, we replace the big trucks every 20 years and the smaller utility trucks every 15 years,” said Chief Carl Anderson. “We have a replacement schedule we try to stick to because our fire fighting tools and equipment are all very expensive. We’re always trying to look forward in doing our budget.”

The commissioners went on to talk about funds the district could receive from the CARES Act, which is the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act.

Normally, the district would receive a 3% annual budget increase, which would be approximately $35,000. The district could possibly receive around $99,000 if they didn’t take the annual budget increase and instead utilized CARES Act funds.

“Currently we’re waiting on a defining act or written memorandum from the state with more details,” Anderson said. “Right now there’s a lot of unanswered questions at the state level.”

Anderson said it looks like the funds are there but until they know for sure, they’ll hold of on moving forward on deciding how they’ll receive funds and what the budget will look like for the next fiscal year.

The district also received a grant for personal protective equipment, which included the yellow shirts, green pants and white helmets crews use in fighting wildland fires.

The grant was for $8885 with a matching portion of $987.65.

The Central Fire District Commissioners meet at 8:00 p.m. the second Thursday of every month and their agendas can be found online at